Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | March 24, 2011

Fathers day

Dia del Padre

Saturday was Fathers Day here. It is a much bigger deal here in Bolivia than in the UK, and is much more an event than a mere card-giving occasion. People will actually congratulate you as a Dad.

I woke up to early morning Cadburys and breakfast in bed! And Chloe singing Papito, papito, Corazon. We think there may be extra words to this song she has learnt at the Guaderia, but none are forthcoming. In my head I have made up the verse which includes phrases such as “you are my hero”, etc, etc. I’m sure its along those lines). I was also given a lion she had made at the nursery too.

I feel so privileged and blessed to be a Dad. Or Papito. Chloe gives me such joy, she is so fun to be with and I thank God for her.

However I also started thinking about my Dad. I also thank God for him. He is the most generous person I know- I have so much respect for him and love him loads! Happy Bolivian Fathers Day Dad! You’re the best.

On Sunday David spoke about how God is our Father, we can call him ‘Papito’ or Abba. This amazes me when I really think about it. God wants to have a relationship like that with me- like I have with my Dad and Chloe has with me and yet infinitely better than either of those.

The last words though, are Chloe’s. Sung with gusto. Papito, papito, Corazon.



  1. Just wondering about the meaning of ‘corazon’? Is it a term of endearment? Am I missing something here? Love you all, Mum B

    • Corazon means heart. Big love from the bottom of our corazons.

  2. Well…that made me cry…
    lots of love Mum

  3. I just knew that would make Mum cry! Rich was telling me earlier that he welled up as well.

    So amazing that we can call God, Abba, Father and that he has actually chosen us to be his children!

    Love Jon and Jess

  4. I don’t want to upset anyone here, but when I saw your answer I fell about laughing! Mum B.

  5. Thank You, Ben. Having spent some days with my dad the love goes on. To be a dad is such a great thing and my boys bring joy to my heart. To think that God delights in us, His boys and girls.

    Love dad

  6. Better late than never! WELL DONE Ben and happy papito day! Love, Ali x 🙂

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