Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | March 4, 2011

Big news!

A new supermarket has opened.  It has trolleys that just go, you can push them with one hand if you want!  But the big news is that there is an aisle with the sign ‘European Food’  but its actually English food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My jaw dropped as I entered this other world and I was briefly back in Sainos (Sainsburys).  There is:  Weetabix, Crackerbread, Ryvita, Jacobs cream crackers, rice cakes, nairn oat cakes, tetley tea bags, colmans packet sauces, sharwood stir fry sauces, Uncle Bens jars, Angel Delight, cadburys chocolate, skittles, twirls, curlywurlies, robinsons squash, branston pickle, oxo cubes, digestives…………………..

It was incredible, however there is a massive downside to this discovery…..the price.  80 tetley teabags cost a little over £5 and a box of 12 weetabix cost nearly £4.  You get the idea.  I think we will enter the european food aisle on rare occasions when its time for a treat (or I’m craving weetabix).

The other strange thing was that there were quite a few items from the Heritage range in England.  Heritage products are sold in corner shops like our local ‘Wilkies’ in Exeter.  They are cheapy cheapy.  We laughed trying to understand why a supermarket in Bolivia was selling Heritage steak and kidney pies.   The box of Heritage tea bags also cost almost £5!!!!!!!!!!

It’s strange, we didn’t buy all that much but loved just seeing all the English produce. I guess its familiarity, and makes us feel comfortable.

Anyway that is my exciting news, i guess its probably not so exciting for you in England.  But hey I wanted to spread the joy and if this isn’t big news I don’t know what is!

Love Rozzy



  1. I get that feeling of excitement!
    Do they have proper sausages … now that would be good!!!

    • Unfortunately no proper sausages… they will have to wait!

  2. Tetly tea bags! Weetabix! Any Marmite?

  3. Thanks sis! Totally getting the joy! Wahay!

  4. What about TUC biscuits? Any joy in that area?

    • Unfortunately i didn’t notice Tuc. Maybe they’ll have got some in for our next visit!

  5. Great to read and catch up with you guys. Food is a constant supply of comfort!!. So thrilled the preaching is going well and that you are all learning lots. Take care, we love you lots, RRMGN xx

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