Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 28, 2011


Choong-Sil and Margarita

Last Thursday Choong-Sil returned home to Mexico. She had been in Santa Cruz for a month, mainly staying with David and Sarah, but she also spent a few days with us. She works for another New Frontiers Church in Mexico (also called Fuente De Vida. I think David copied) and was sent by them to encourage us after visiting last year too.

We love her! She is a new friend as well as being Chloe’s current favourite person, and it seemed strange not seeing her at Church today. She has been visiting people with Roz, come along to all our meetings (even on the day she arrived after a nightmare journey), prayed with us, amazed us with her liking of spicy food, read more than anyone I know and been great. Thank you Fuente De Vida, Mexico and thank you Choong-Sil- you have been a fantastic encouragement to us! 

Roz and I also enjoyed hearing all about the Church in Mexico and the country- hopefully we may visit one day.

Other News

I can’t think of a better subheading so that will have to do. We have recently had a week of prayer at Church, we had meetings around the city in people’s homes and prayed every day. I think it was really good.

Next weekend is Carnaval, with all the throwing of water and ink and craziness that happens- many of the teachers from my school head out of the city for peace and quiet, some of them head into the centre to join in the mayhem… our Church is having a weekend away at David and Sarah’s. Oscar, who is the Pastor of Choong-Sil’s Church, is coming to speak on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We’re really looking forward to it and will lead some of the children’s sessions, also about the Holy Spirit. Please pray!



  1. Hello Roz!!!!! It’s great to see your blog… I saw it on facebook! It’s great to see what you’re doing in Bolivia! We’re in China where it is also really different from England and Bolivia I expect! I’m looking after orphans and Aaron is studying Chinese :0) Would you like to get our newsletters? Hope you are well and enjoying the Bolivian life Lots of Love from Lois Dolman (used to be Farrier) xxxx

  2. Great to hear this news. Watch out for Carnaval. (I’m sad to hear my place in Chloe’s heart has been usurped!) Take care. Love from Malc & Gail xxx

    • Malc I hadn’t thought of it like that. I hate to be brutally honest but I think your place was usurped by Dora The Explorer some time ago. She may not have a Tilley Hat but does have her own backpack, map and monkey friend.

  3. I met her when I was at Fiesta (Mexican conference) in November! I bet she was a real blessing!

  4. Be careful with carneval. You are white and do stand out. Some of them can throw and slingshot pretty hard, just thinking with Chloe in mind. Keep car windows up or better still take a water pistol with you to work. Or carry a water balloon or two with you and go old testament on them… “eye for an eye”

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