Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 9, 2011

He told me everything I ever did

One of the things I love about preaching is that I cannot do it properly without being changed, without God speaking to me personally. I spoke at Church last week on the woman at the well who meets with Jesus. This week I keep coming back to the verse “He told me everything I ever did” which is the testimony the woman gives to her neighbours as she tells them of her meeting with Jesus.

Do I want Jesus to tell me everything I ever did? Every sin, every bad thought, every moment I went against him and chose my own way? Sometimes I kid myself I’m not too bad really but when Jesus tells me everything I ever did He blows this deception out of the water. I deserve death. My sin is awful. And yet this woman shouts this from the rooftops- “He told me everything I ever did!” Why? Because it frees her, and me. I stop pretending I am good in myself and depend only on Christ’s righteousness that He puts on me. I have nothing to hide- Jesus has told me it all and He wasn’t surprised by any of it.

But now, like the woman at the well, my life is transformed- I am clothed with His righteousness. I can live in Him.



  1. Thanks Ben, that’s so encouraging and insightful. I’m gutted that I’ve never heard you preach before, I’m sure you’re very good at it if these blog posts are anything to go by.
    Send my love to your ladies!

  2. wonderful! thank you 🙂

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