Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 4, 2011

News from Roz

Hi everyone, I’m actually sitting down to write a blog to you instead of Ben for once!  I wanted to let you know whats happening at the mo down in Santa Cruz and what church things we are involved in.  Life feels pretty busy to be honest.  Ben started teaching again this week, this year he has a tutor group too so he has more on his plate at school.  He also has to do some paperwork for the Government which is proving to be quite stressful.  Please pray for him.

Ben is also preaching this Sunday and the next about the woman at the well and the Holy Spirit.  David will be translating both Sundays.  Please pray for it as preaching with a translator is not quite the same as without!

At the beginning of March there is a long weekend called Carnaval, (don’t know if you remember us talking about it last year, it involves lots of water being thrown at people!)  This year we are having a church weekend away at David and Sarahs house.  Oscar and Lee from Mexico are coming again to speak which we are excited about.  Me and Ben are planning the kids work for that weekend.

A lady from the Mexico church is visiting here at the moment.  She is here for a month and will stay with us for a week of that time, she is visiting families during the week with me and Lidia.  Chloe loves her and has a new friend to play with.

I feel quite busy with my course, catching up on the sessions I missed whilst in England and i have to write another essay soon too.  I continue visiting families and doing bible studies with them during the week too.

We are enjoying being back and it feels completely like home again.  Watermelon season is upon us which I love.  Our fruit lady comes by our house and we go out to say hello and buy our watermelon and other fruit.  Its hot and quite rainy.  Chloe loves jumping in muddy puddles with her wellies on.

I’m looking forward to my sis and her hubbie visiting in a few months time and Ben has a friend coming to visit at the end of April.  We also hope to buy a new oven soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Exciting times ahead!!  So ciao for now.



  1. Wow, exciting times! Who is visiting from Mexico, I wonder if I know her? I was at Fiesta in November in Guadalajara, so I know Lee and Oscar a little bit. I’m sure it will be a real blessing having them visit!

    I really want to meet you guys personally sometime! I pray for you whenever you post on your blog. Que Dios los bendiga muchisimo!

  2. Hi Roz,
    Great to hear your news & glad you 2 are not slacking in any way! Seriously though, don’t overdo it & remember to take some time out together.
    My news is that I’m begining to feel so much better and I get my car back this coming Monday – praise the Lord! Buses are great, but your own car is better. I well remember those crazy bus trips with you all last October!!
    We still remember you all in our prayers & will especially pray for Ben’s preaching.
    Please send our love to everyone.
    Much love, Malc & Gail

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