Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 19, 2011

Content in every situation

I find I learn a lot from Chloe. I know its supposed to be the other way around, but frequently God speaks to me through her. At the moment it is her adaptability- like Paul in Philippians she seems to know the secret of being content whatever the circumstances. She loved being in England but she also loves being back in Bolivia. Roz and I seem to take longer to adapt again so we need to follow her example.

Chloe has learned to be content whatever the circumstances. She knows what is like to be in need of sausages or chocolate or cheese, and she knows what it is like to have plenty. She has learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether in England or Bolivia, in snow or in hot and humid temperatures, walking on carpets or on tiles, whether wrapped up in lots of clothes and wearing a knitted Paddington Bear jumper or running around in just her knickers. Whether speaking English or Spanish, sitting in a car seat or free to move all around. Whether with friends in England or friends in Bolivia.

We can do everything through Him who gives us strength.



  1. hey guys,what a lovely post. we can all learn from the clo-ster!!
    Guys Ive tried calling a couple of times but I think I keep calling at the wrong times. I will try again tonight I think. And Rozzer we need to get back into friday emails!ill send you one on Friday!!missing you all so much xxx

  2. BP you are a writing legend! Why are you teaching maths and science?!

    Such an insightful and thought provoking post – great stuff. Missing you all, E-G getting big into Peppa now and “baby chloe” getting lots of attention and nappy changing whilst mummy busy with eben.

    Hope you are well and truly settled back home now.

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