Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 16, 2011

Back in Boliv!

We arrived back in Bolivia after nearly six weeks away in the UK. We have seen lots of family and friends, eaten many many sausages and top quality puddings, worn lots of warm clothes, watched much Match of the Day, sang loudly to Ganny playing the piano, Chloe danced with lots of different people- a special salute to Vic for her dancing with her in a pub at lunchtime, and more.

Thank you so much to everyone we saw- we really appreciated your friendship, interest and hospitality. We are so grateful for having amazing families and friends. Sorry to those we didn’t get to see- the only answer is that you come and visit us.

We are now getting re-accustomed to life here, I wonder if you get reverse-reverse culture shock? We are about to go to Church this morning and are really excited about seeing our Church family again and finding out how everyone is. Spanish is a little rusty so it will be interesting to see how communication goes!

We all really enjoyed our time in England- we feel refreshed and that God has spoken to us about whats next here- we will write more about that later. Chloe loved seeing her abuelos (grandparents) and lots of aunties and uncles- some real, some not. One of her highlights was dressing up as Chlo White. Very exciting!



  1. So glad you are safely back and excited about seeing everyone again. you are all very much missed – the animals are sitting vary forlornly on the garden seat – no-one to play with them! The” pianio”is firmly closed – no more Twinkle, twinkle, and the cave under the table is empty – shall I go on……you get the picture! You gave us so much as well – so thanks for being here – loads of happy memories. Love you, Love you, Love you, Mum B.

  2. It was nice to visit you once at 469 and to have two visits from you. It was pretty when it snowed hard two times you were here in Southampton….and frustrating! Cold for you and making it triply hard to put our social plans into action! Sorry we didn’t make it to the concert Roz.:-) Thank you Chloe for sharing the toys with me. Thank you too for the spanish lesson. I think I need to have some revision with you sometime on the things in the scarecrow jigsaw…. the red jumper, the black hat, the bird on the hat, oh, and especially the pantaloones! Love, Ali xxx

  3. Glad you have arrived safely. It was great to see you all again in Blighty. Have loads of fun in this next season.

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