Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | December 16, 2010

Church Family

We went to Frontiers Church Together Night last night and had the chance to share about what we have been doing in Bolivia and be prayed for.

It was a brilliant evening (for us anyway!), we felt so encouraged, supported and loved by our friends here. Frontiers Church was our family in Exeter for about five years and returning to visit it still feels the same. It has been great seeing lots of friends again, seeing their children who are looking bigger and hearing about more who are on the way. We have enjoyed amazing hospitality and generosity, great food, conversations and fun.

We believe that God speaks to us today through prophecy and many people gave us prophetic words last night. We need to spend time chewing them over and seeing how we can put them into practice, but we were reminded again of how God knows us and our desires so well and has plans for us. It has also been great to worship in English and meet with God.

We love Frontiers Church, we still feel very much joined to them as family and will do when we return to Bolivia in January. Big thanks to loads of people for inviting us round, praying for us and just being great friends- and more than that, brothers and sisters in Christ!


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