Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | December 11, 2010

Reverse culture shock?

We have been in the UK for nearly two weeks now, it has been a great but also slightly weird time.

It has been amazing seeing and catching up with family and friends- people we have really missed while we have been in Bolivia. We have also loved seeing the sea, eating sausages, drinking lots of cups of tea, walking on carpet, using hot water taps and many more things we can’t do in Bolivia.

On the other hand though it is slightly strange being here. We feel a little bit like foreigners who look like we belong here whereas in Bolivia we feel more and more like we belong there, but still very much look like foreigners. I keep on expecting people to speak Spanish to me in shops, I forget to put my seatbelt on…

The pace of life here is much quicker. In Bolivia we can do one thing in the morning and one in the afternoon and that is a pretty busy day. Here with the car (yes, the famous Golden Yaris- admired throughout the land) we can visit loads of people and places in a day. We’re used to spending ages on a bus on dodgy roads to get anywhere, here it is quite different.

We’ve loved walking in the UK- on these amazing pavements as well as by the sea.

The other thing about this is that the UK is what we know. Everything is totally familiar (pavements, carpets, etc) but just different to what we have been getting used to for the last year. Weird.



  1. ‘Weird’ dear not ‘wierd’, I can’t help it if I’m a teacher too! It was lovely to see you and we can’t wait to see Chloe and Roz next week. Love to the Golden Yaris.

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