Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 30, 2010


We have landed in England! My word, it is cold. Chloe has been loving Gandma and Auntie Ju time, wearing a woolly jumper and playing with Roz’s old my little ponies. Roz has been loving much the same.

We left Bolivia on Sunday, managing to go to the Celebration service at Church. It seemed to be a great event. Lots of people came (over 120 all included I reckon), many faces we didn’t know or only vaguely recognised. We pray that they will get involved again with Church as a result. David went through all that has happened this year and showed a great powerpoint of photos of the major events. It was great to be reminded of all that God has done, all the prayers that He has answered, His presence with us. People prayed for us as David put a photo of us up, we prayed also for Malc and Gail as Malc has been ill recently.

We had to leave early to get our flight and slightly disrupted things as people came out to say goodbye. It was very emotional actually, as we realised the love people have for us and we have for them. Sometimes I can feel especially that we cannot do much and are not making much of a difference, but I was really shown the deep friendships we have made in the year we have been there. We look forward to seeing Church again in January and will be praying for them while we are away.

And yes, if anyone is wondering, sausages really do taste that good.


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