Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 20, 2010


We went to Homegroup last night. We love Homegroup. Here is a little rundown of our evening.

We left the house at 5:15, getting a taxi to our favourite Chicken place (Pollo Campeon. It’s the best because they do really good ice cream as well). After a rapid meal- no time for ice cream unfortunately- we got a micro to the house of some friends at six.

We arrived at their house at seven when Martha was just getting back from work. After waiting a bit we left with Roberto and Martha and their daughters Dana and Ani. They get on really well with Chloe and were playing silly games in the car. We arrived at Margarita’s house at 8:00 and chatted to people while others arrived.

David led us in worship- singing, praying and sharing verses from the Bible. It was a great time and people were reluctant to finish with requests for other songs coming in.

Luis led a Bible study. We have been looking at the book of Ruth in Church and Homegroups. We looked at the differences between the decisions of Elimilech, the anonymous relative in chapter 4 and finally Boaz. Or Booz in Spanish. Although not pronounced booze I hasten to add.  We talked about whether we had a tendency to make decisions without asking God, like Elimilech, or put off making decisions at all, like the anonymous relative. Roz shared that this was my weakness. Thanks.

We prayed for each other and our children too- that like Boaz and Ruth we and they would leave a lasting legacy of faith. We then got back to worshipping again! After this, thanks to Margarita we had what was basically a full on meal together. All the time this was happening Chloe and the other children were colouring in, playing games, singing and clapping with us, and generally running round.

We also prayed for Malc and Gail in England. All in all it was a great evening. We enjoyed the presence of God and each other. Homegroups are such an important part of Church- they have been brilliant and we are seeing friendships and support deepen and more boldness in praying out.

We left at 10:40, a late but great night.


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