Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 10, 2010

Malc and Gail!

Here they are!

We have just had to say goodbye to Malc and Gail- a couple from Frontiers Church in Exeter who came to stay with us and visit Fuente De Vida Church for just over a week.

We loved their visit- we enjoyed drinking cups of tea with tea lover Malcolm, learning the names of the plants in our garden, appreciating expert washers up at work, watching Bolivians react to Malcolm’s infamous Hawaiian shirts, receiving some additions to our book collection, eating sherbert dips, praying with them, hearing what is going on in Exeter, getting to know them better, watching other people make embarrassing social mistakes for a change (not too many to be fair) and much more. 

And that was just on the outside. To us Malc and Gail’s visit represented the love and support of Frontiers Church. We can hardly believe they came to visit us so soon, and got so stuck in with meeting people, seeing new experiences and getting involved with Church here. We love Frontiers Church and are really excited by the relationship developing between Fuente De Vida here and Frontiers in Exeter.

Malc and Gail came to develop that relationship and also to make plans for a team to come to visit next year. Our friends here at Church are so keen for a team to come and we have some great ideas for what they could do. We now want to pray for God to speak to people to join that team and come and get involved here!

A massive thanks to Malc and Gail- we have great respect and love for you- you inspire us!

Malc teaching at one of the Home Groups



  1. Thanks for the kind words. We learnt so much. We will be trying hard to learn more Spanish. Looking forward to bringing the team over. We will be telling people what an amazing family you are.

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