Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 27, 2010

Nueva idioma dos

Learning a new language has been an eye opener for me. Apart from anything else I have learnt loads about myself and what it is like to be a learner again.

This must be good for me as a teacher- I have experienced frustration when I just cannot get something, guilt when I haven’t done my homework, joy when something has finally clicked in my mind, frustration when I don’t understand why a particular activity is useful, pleasure at having made progress and desire to show off something I have just learnt.

I hope I can remember these emotions as I teach, and use them to understand how my students may be feeling.

I am also realising that I don’t have a great drive to learn by myself and instead prefer learning with others. In other (slightly less flowery) words I can be pretty lazy.  

It is also really interesting watching Chloe as she learns Spanish at the same time as me, but in a completely different, totally natural way. She can now answer the questions ‘What is your name?’ ‘How old are you?’ and ‘Where do you live?’ in Spanish, but not English. Sometimes at Homegroup I hear her using words I didn’t know she knew in Spanish. Sometimes she will answer us in Spanish and often we don’t know if she is trying to talk in English, Spanish or a language all of her own. She never has to copy lists of verbs out…

When I am struggling- which is often- I have to remember why I am learning Spanish. In order to be useful here. In order to make friendships. In order to actually have conversations. So I can pray with and for people. Maybe one day in order to preach in Spanish (?!). This is what keeps me going. This has to be my priority, the many other things I would like to do need to wait and I must give this time.

Back to the verb lists.



  1. Oh – ‘two new language’
    I was hoping the spanish – english translator I googled would be more accurate and make me look good – what does it actually mean?
    Will pray for you to keep at it – I can imagine how hard it is to learn seeing as I am hopeless at languages. I guess it must help to know there is a real reason for you to learn.
    Exciting that Chloe is picking up Spanish!

    Love Jon xx

  2. I have always been curious about babies growing up in a bilingual environment. Thanks for sharing your observations with Chloe.

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