Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 24, 2010

New Frontiers Visits

I saw a hummingbird in our garden today and this week 2 toucans have flown over the house and we are seeing parrots fly past more often now.  Amazing!

In other news, our Church was visited by Pastors Lee, Oscar and Jack two weekends ago. It was a great time for us as they visited and taught at homegroups, lead a session for people serving within the Church and preached on the Sunday. The Sunday was another record breaker with over 100 people there. We reckon they prayed for virtually everyone in Church over the few days they were here!

Roz and I found their prayers really encouraging. They gave us some words and pictures very much in line with how we are at the moment and other things God has spoken about to us in the past. We were reminded of how God knows us totally, our situation, but also our heart- what we long to see happen and be involved in.

It was great for Church to hear more about New Frontiers and what is going on in Central and South America. Widen our horizons.

Next weekend Malcolm and Gail are coming to visit from Frontiers Church in Exeter. We are so excited to see them and are planning what aspects of Santa Cruz to show them… They are coming to develop relationships between Fuente De Vida and Frontiers Church and make plans for a team that will hopefully come out next year. This is incredibly exciting as well, it feels like Fuente De Vida is developing more links with other Churches!

Please pray for Malcolm and Gail, for health, that they can really see what Church is like and get to know people. And for the plans for the team, that God guides us as we think what they might do.



  1. all sounds great guys,and a toucan?!!how cool! cant wait to see you soon!hopefully have the 29th nov booked off to either come to airport if room,or be ready and waiting when you get back!roz i sent you a facebook email,not sure if you got it?lots of love x

    • I just think Toucans are absolutely awesome! I can stare at them for ages, their beaks just don’t seem real.

  2. Hey you guys. i just thought that i read your stuff loads but never comment. oops. I’m loving your life right now. I cant wait to come over and see in more detail what you are up to. its one thing to read about it but I’m looking forward to seeing the real deal up close and personal! (hopefully not too personal Ben. not with those shorts you rock out in 🙂

    be great to share some time with you. all the stuff you are involved with is brilliant and me and Mim talk and pray about you guys all the time. really hope England is more refreshing than draining for you! shame we coulden’t see you then! loads of love.

    • Cheers John- we appreciate your prayers loads. We will miss you when we’re back at Christmas and you’re not there. But can’t wait till you come and visit us!
      You’ll be glad to know I have relegated those shorts- they are banned from Skype conversations after too many complaints. The world was not ready for them.

  3. We’ve been seeing some awesome animals too, its so normal for people in Oz but crazy for us. we see whales all the time which i love! see parrots in the trees! see deadly spiders way too often, thats the worst one!! and see pelicans on the beach lots, crazy!!

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