Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 10, 2010

Children’s day!

Hello! We are midway through a visit of pastors from Mexico and the United States which has been great so far, but we’ll say more about that on another post.

Last Sunday was our Church’s children’s event- rather than have a normal Sunday service, we had a special event for the children in our Church and their friends.

Roz and I were part of the team planning and running it, so, as planned, we arrived at Church at 8:00am. No-one else was there so we waited outside. At 8:30am (surely we should have learned about Bolivian timings by now) people arrived with a key. What actually happened is that a small car stopped outside the Church- we didn’t recognise the driver, then 8 small children got out, apparently from a production line hidden inside the car, and then Pedro and Ximena also got out. I have no idea how they all fitted inside, I can only assume it was tardis-like in some way.

Anyway, the event was scheduled to start at 9:00am which was a made-up time, but when we did start- at 10:30ish there were still not that many there. Roz and I were feeling a little disappointed but got on with the actions for Father Abraham had many sons with gusto. There were puppets which were brilliant and we learnt a memory verse together.

Then came the dance- which we had rehearsed long and hard for the day before. It may surprise some of you who know us well that we formed a mini dance group, but sometimes you can surprise yourself. We started and Chloe stood up, walked up to us and started crying. Dancing a well choreographed routine is not my strong point and it is slightly harder when holding a crying 2 year old.

Chloe had some hug time with Sarah and recovered a bit while we got guys from the Church to be fed jelly by some of the children and other children to shave balloons. We took part in a mini drama where I growled and pushed Roz over, stealing her toy. Then Sylvia who had organised the event talked about God’s forgiveness and being happy in God.

By this time the Church was full- loads of children especially, and after working it out later there were actually 100 people. Including 3 as yet unborn babies. The last thing was collecting party bags and the lines stretched back for miles.

The event was great. Again we realised we have to depend on God and trust only in Him. Some of it wasn’t as we would of planned, but He is in control. Please do pray for the visitors who came, and that the message the children heard will take root in their lives.

PS We have said goodbye to Mim and Will who have been in Bolivia and visited us- thanks so much for coming, we loved being with you!



  1. hey guys,loved the latest blog,the event sounded great.put some more photos up guys!!

  2. just realised you have put some pics on facebook,sorry!!

  3. That sounds like a great day! Love to you all and praying for you – I have your magnet on my radiator next to my desk so you’re often in my thoughts 😛 xxx

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