Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | September 30, 2010

Roz action!

Hi all

I want to tell you about how i’m using my time these days as i feel i’m doing a lot more than i was.  As you know i visit 2 church families each week to help with discipleship.  I really love these visits and love spending time with church peeps.   I teach English to 2 girls where they work selling saltenas (kind of like a pasty) each Thursday.  I’m doing this as a way to get to know them and share Jesus with them.  We get on really well and giggle a lot together!

On Tuesday mornings i’ve started a foundations in christian counselling course, which will run every Tuesday till next September.  It is taught in English by a missionary and there are 7 of us taking the course.  The others are working with different  in Santa Cruz.  I’m doing this course in order to receive teaching that i will be able to use as i’m getting to know church people and visiting them. Lots of the teaching so far has been similar to what I received from Frontiers church but more indepth.  It is quite intense actually and each week i come away feeling that i have so much to think about and digest.  Over the year i will have to write essays which i feel nervous about.  After praying and chatting to friends and mum I feel this course will be helpful for me.

I have also started to attend a weekly ladies bible study in English on the life of Paul which i’m feeling quite excited about.

Apart from that i go to the market quite a few times a week and look after chloe.  Chloe loves her guarderia still and i’m loving being her mum and watching her grow and learn.  What a gift she is! I’m also still loving my breadmaker.


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