Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | September 27, 2010

Sucre- the White City

We have just been on holiday! Our friends Mim and Will have come to Bolivia, partly to see us and partly to see the country. We went with them on their first leg to Sucre. It has been brilliant spending time with them and also seeing another part of Bolivia.

Hiking near Sucre

Sucre is really pretty. It is the judicial capital of Bolivia and has many grand buildings. It is also much more touristy than Santa Cruz. We had a great time, enjoying amongst other things: coffee, hikes, baths (we don’t have one), Chloe showing off her counting skills to hotel staff, great food, museums, Churches, sensible driving, clean  and fresh air (Santa Cruz has been in a smoke haze for a while), seeing hills, relaxation, hotel buffet breakfasts- why not have cake first thing in the morning?, meeting people from tribes and seeing their way of life…

Chloe's favourite thing- feeding llamas!

The only problem is it is now back to school tomorrow morning. You know that ‘back to school’ feeling?



  1. So glad holiday has gone well, presumably eveyone kept well too! Am I right in thinking that your next hols will be spent in UK!!! can’t wait, love you all

  2. Why not indeed have cake first thing in the morning … When I visited L’Abri I learnt it is okay to do that, infact quite normal really. 🙂

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