Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | September 9, 2010


I’ve never really thought much about adoption before- now don’t get me wrong- I know we are adopted into God’s family as sons and I understand something of this. But I’ve not thought much about adoption. I don’t think I know that many people who have adopted children. That was until we came to Bolivia. Here we have met lots of people who have adopted.

David and Sarah, especially, the leaders of the Church, have made us think about adoption. Recently they have just adopted a new son into their family- a one year old called Ezekial. We are enjoying getting to know him, as they are!

They have also adopted two daughters and I often forget they are adopted- they are just their children, nothing else. However if I do think of what their and Ezekial’s life would be like had they not been adopted it is staggering.

 They have incredible loving parents, have been introduced to the living God, are well fed, looked after and educated. This may well not have been the case without the adoption.

And this is similar to God adopting us as sons. We are totally welcomed into his family, not as lesser relations but with all the rights and benefits of sons- an eternal inheritance in Heaven, an amazing relationship with Father God.

Roz and I have also been challenged to think about adoption ourselves- would we adopt? Something again I have not thought about before. But maybe. Only as we listen to God and follow Him, but maybe.

In the same way that Ezekial, Gaby and Lily are different because they have been adopted into David and Sarah’s family, so are we transformed as we are adopted into God’s family. What an awesome privilege!


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