Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | August 30, 2010


The childrens group at church has now split and me and Ben are on the rota to lead the younger children.  2 – 8 year olds.  This morning there were about 15 children in our group, we talked about Jesus calming the storm.  They all made boats and a stormy sea.  It was really fun although stressful.  Ben did very well reading the bible passage and the children enjoyed making their boats nearly sink in the sea. 

At the beginning of October we are going to have a childrens morning at church.  It is going to be especially for the children and we want them to invite their friends to come.  There will be a puppet show, drama (Ben is going to be the baddie), games, a dance and competitions.  We hope that lots of children come and fill the building and then want to come back again. 

We really love the children at church.  Lots of them run and give us hugs when we arrive.  We really want to get to know them better, teach them about Jesus and love them.



  1. I can’t believe your playing a baddie again, I think you need to stretch yourself beyond your normal persona next time Ben! You’ll end up being typecast if you’re not careful!

    Sounds great with all the kids stuff going on there.

    Must chat on skype again soon


    • To be fair I do remember playing a baddie complete with swirling black cloak at a Church Kids club in my teen years. Baddies are fun to play.

  2. we love this photo of you two, i have printed for our wall of fame!

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