Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | August 24, 2010


Thanks so much for your prayers- it was great to preach yesterday, although I am still getting to used to preaching and being translated. It feels like you’re removed from the people you’re talking to and not quite directly communicating with them. It also makes it harder to get into a flow and make gestures and things like that. Just have to depend on God- that he will speak to people.

The passage was Hebrews 4 verses 14-16. This talks about Jesus as our Great High Priest.

It is amazing that through Jesus we have access to the very throne room of Almighty God. The place of awesome beauty, magnificance and holiness. And yet also it is the throne of mercy and grace and help. Wow.

Because Jesus is the Final High Priest who lives forever, through the Heavens with God, we can go straight to God through Him, always.

And yet Jesus is also a High Priest who sympathises with us in our weaknesses because he experienced them too. He understands us and temptation. He actually sympathises with us. He is not far off and unapproachable, he lived a real life and knows what it is like. In fact he knows the worst of it, far worse than I will ever know.

So I enter the throne room of God with confidence.



  1. Your childrens morning sounds a great idea! It’s brilliant to hear how well the childrens work is going. We will pray that lots of children come to the morning and that you hae opportunity to connect with them. Thank you for the inspiration your powell adventure gives us. Emma & Simon xx

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