Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | August 21, 2010


We are still getting back into ‘normal life’ (whatever that is) again after my holidays so have not been on the blog much.

Life is a little more busy now than it has been so far. I think this is a good thing as we are getting to know more people and doing more and generally out and about more.

One thing that is new is Homegroups. Our Church started two about a month ago and the ones that we have been able to go to have been brilliant. They have reminded me of how much I missed them. As this is totally new for our Church they are still forming and David is praying about how to structure them.

I’ll try and describe them: they are very large small groups. The group we went to on Wednesday evening had over 30 people there, it felt more like how I imagine a House Church is! They are family meetings- whole families are there with the children joining in and then going off to play and then coming back again and going off somewhere else… The hospitality is brilliant- food, drinks and being made to feel totally comfortable. They are a total mix of different people. Worship has been really good with opportunity for people to share. They are very relaxed. It is a mystery what time they start and people get there at all different times. They are in two different areas, on the outskirts of the city and are for people who live near. This means some people are able to go who don’t get to Church regularly.

We have really enjoyed the community, presence of God and Bible or testimony from people at Homegroups. Please do pray for them- for Saul and Luis who are leading the two currently. David is training them closely and involved in a lot of the practical leading at the moment.

While I’m asking please could you also pray for Sunday- I’m preaching at Church on Hebrews 4 verses 14-16. Please pray for God to speak.



  1. Dear God, please speak at church on Hebrews chapter 4 verses 14 to 16. Amen

  2. Yes, I echo Ali’s prayer as you will be starting the “preach” quite soon – it’s 1pm here – just looked up the verses, they are amazing. May the Lord through you bring great encouragement to everyone. Lots of love to all three, Mum B

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