Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | July 21, 2010

Winter in Bolivia

I’m not sure if you are aware but it is currently winter here in Bolivia and has been so for quite a while.

Many people have been warning us of winter in Bolivia and the dreaded ‘South wind’, from the South Pole apparently. Instead we have been enjoying a winter much more like a good English Summer, loads of sun and nice temperatures. People at school kept on saying that when it comes ‘the cold gets into your bones’ and because of the humidity everything is slightly damp- basically it gets bitterly cold. I have been nodding my head but thinking inside it can’t get as cold as Britain does, I mean really? If this is Winter, I love it!

Yes it can. We are in our second week of the South Wind and it is freezing. We are wearing a million layers and dreaming of central heating or a hot water bottle. The tea bags Roz got for her birthday have been immense- they may even last till my parents get here which will be brill. Roz sleeps with her hat (yes it is as South American as you can hope for- providing ear protection) on. It just feels so cold. I don’t know if its because of the contrast with the normal temperature or that there isn’t central heating or what. Needless to say my Mum and Dad are overjoyed to be leaving a hot England to visit us…

As cold as it is, for us it is merely unpleasant. As it is my holidays we have been able to visit some families from Church and when we see their houses we feel incredibly fortunate. Some families have wooden houses with large gaps between slats, while others don’t have doors. I don’t know how they are managing with the wind and the cold and how they are sleeping. Maybe we’re not that cold after all.



  1. Just looking in the “ARCHIVES”…. 🙂

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