Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | July 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Yes I am now 30 years old!!  I’ve really enjoyed my birthday weekend.  Thank you so much for all the emails, cards and parcels, we opened lots of parcels on Saturday morning and it was soooo exciting.  I received lots of chocolate, Bisto!!!  (yeaaaaa) and tea bags.  It was just brilliant!

Ben cooked brekkie, bacon and eggs, total yum, then we went out for the day to some massive sand dunes that are just outside the city.  It is quite a weird place.  We were walking along and it was quite jungly and then the trees disappeared and we started walking on sand and looming infront of us appeared an enormous sand dune.  We climbed to the top and we felt we were in the Sahara desert, sand everywhere.  We had a picnic which included pringles! and Rocky bars! and played on the dunes.  It was really fun. 

Later we took Chloe to sleep at the Adjeis and me and Ben went out to an Italian restaurant for a meal.   Delicious. 

On Sunday we helped with the childrens group at church.  I had the priviledge of praying for 2 of the children as they gave their lives to Jesus, it was a very special happy morning.   Then Margarita, a friend from church came to our house to teach me to cook a Bolivian meal.  It was great fun chatting and cooking together although it took nearly 4 hours!  It was worth it.  And it was a good break for her as she left her children with her husband for most of the day. 

Thanks for all your recent prayers, i have really felt uplifted.  We look forward to Bens parents arriving in 2 weeks time- and my breadmaker!!!  Here are some photos.



  1. Hi Roz,
    So glad you had a good weekend – lovely photos!
    X Kate

  2. Missing you

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