Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 27, 2010

English Lessons

I’d like to ask for prayer about the English lessons.  The last few weeks not many people have come.  I think this is because it seems people don’t plan in advance and maybe they don’t have the bus fare to get to the house, or its too far away.  I have been thinking about possibly trying the English class at church instead which would mean that other people from church may be able to get there a bit more easily.  But i’m not sure really whether to continue with the classes or not.  Please pray for this.  The classes are a great opportunity to bring friends so that they can meet other church peeps and work really well to build community.

A positive thing that has happened is that i have been able to get to know the family where i hold the lessons and the youngest daughter recently became a christian.  She is married with 4 children one of which has epilepsy, and severe learning difficulties.  He doesn’t speak and is blind in one eye.  I have started to disciple her before the English class, we read a book about the basics of christianity and pray together.  I love doing this.

I will hope to do some more meeting up with people too as there are a few that were baptised at the beginning of the year that need accountability and discipleship.

Here are a couple of photos of the English classes and a cute one of Chloe!

In the words of peppa pig  ‘If you jump in muddy puddles; you must wear your boots’

I’ve also been missing my friends in England a lot this week, miss just calling round a friends house or going to the pub for a Guinness.  Its hard aswell as its Wimbledon and its just not the same listening to Murray play on the radio, you just have to imagine his ‘look how wide I can open my mouth- I’m a lion’ but its not quite the same.



  1. thankfully you haven’t missed Murray roar yet as he’s won his games so comfortably so far that he hasn’t needed to. Sam Querrey this evening may be a tougher test mind. I hope Ben doesn’t get too much stick from any German teachers today! nough said really about that!

    Thanks so much for all the updates on the blog, it’s great to hear about all the things that you guys are up to. Pip and Beth are heading down to Bristol for a few days today to see Suze, Matt, Bean and Lilly which I’m gonna find quite hard I think.

    We pray for you guys lots and look forward to another skype chat soon. If Ben wants to chew the fat on the England game this evening I’m in all night.

    God bless love Si

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