Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 20, 2010


We have just got back home from Church where I preached for the second time in two weeks. It is a very different thing when someone is translating- it feels a bit like you are communicating second hand. Its also wierd when a few English speakers get the joke the first time but everyone else only gets it when its translated.

I spoke about what Church is-

  • The Bride of Christ- loved by Jesus. He gave himself up for the Church
  • The Body of Christ- we are all different parts but work together
  • The Family of God- we are adopted into God’s family
  • The House of God- made up of living stones

An appreciation of how important the Church is and the high place God gives her is something I have been learning for the last five years or so. It is something I have grown in since being part of New Frontiers, they teach it very well. I hoped to share something of that.

While the Church will last forever it appears that England’s world cup campaign will not (do you like the link there?). This has led to my recently found patriotism dying down slightly. This may have something to do with the boys in one of my classes accidently ‘dropping’ things all the time- “Oh Mr Powell, I’ve dropped my book, oh dear, its gone in the goal”- aren’t they subtle and funny? but more to do with the fact that England have just played rubbish. The Irish teacher could not hide his joy at the end of the 0-0 with Algeria. I now feel like going out on penalties in the quarter final wouldn’t be so bad…



  1. That is really good – when I was at uni because of terms, being away at weekends etc I don’t think I felt as much a part of the local church as I do now – it is a real joy! Been going through Acts in house group and I find it very interesting how often people are described as ‘those who belonged to the church’ etc – and find their identity with others in unity rather than as individual christians.

    Translating wise – what you’ve really got to watch out for is if you make a joke and no one laughs and then after it is translated people laugh – that means whoever is doing the translating has got better delivery.

    The boys in your class sound amazing – that’s a far higher level of wit than I remember at Richard Hale. I’m starting to think that Sven was something special for getting us to 3 quarter finals at major tournaments.

  2. I love your web log picture so much! I also have lots of pictures of you on display in the flat. I am very very proud of you and I love you… much….? mmmmm, I love you as much as how far the longest river in the world runs out to the sea…!

  3. mmmmm, what I meant was! how long the river is! x

  4. ps. Roz is my fave then Ben and Chloe come joint second!! x

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