Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 10, 2010

World cup fever hits Bolivia!

Just to warn you- if you feel there has already been too much written about the world cup when it hasn’t even started yet, you may want to give this a miss…

To be honest its not as if world cup fever has only just hit, it has been here for ages. Football is massive in Bolivia, and England especially are very popular. All the students at my school know the Premiership inside out, the big four in particular. Also Wigan are surprisingly popular having had a Bolivian player on loan this season.

Anyway I am very excited about the World Cup starting on Friday- although with time zones it looks like the games are going to be at unfortunate times schoolwise. We also have to work out where to watch the matches- it isn’t going to be on local TV. I’m already missing Alan Hansen’s dour expert analysis and John Motson’s stats.

On the other hand, being away from England, I am feeling more patriotic than normal. I don’t know if its just the fact that at school there’s only one other person from England so I feel the need to be more pro-England winning. With a number of American teachers around the match on Saturday could be interesting…



  1. COME ON ENGLAND!!! just bought my england shirt, ill be wearing it with pride tomorrow!!

  2. Well, did you manage to watch the match? I suspect you got a bit of ribbing today. It’s like England drawing with USA at baseball. Oh shame!!

  3. I was walking home after a trip to the common the other day and I had an orange in my hand which i had partly peeled and started on….yum, delicious, it was just as if it had been grown here in Hampshire and picked the day before! I was holding it in my hand like a tennis ball and i found myself humming “He’s got the whole -world in his hands….. he’s got the whole wide world – in his hands…. he’s got the whole – world in his hands, he’s got the whole world in his hands.”

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