Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 31, 2010

So far, yet so near

There are times when we feel a long way from England, and from friends and family- on Saturday my cousin Chris got married (massive congratulations!) to Laura; and not long ago our friends Si and Pip had a baby (similarly massive congratulations!) Both these times we would have loved to have been there.

On the other hand we have loads of contact with our friends and family- the internet is amazing, I have just been looking at photos of the wedding that are already on Facebook! Skype is also brilliant, we love actually seeing people as well as talking to them. Although there can be technical issues which can be frustrating, when it works it is great. Chloe, especially, loves seeing her Grandparents, Uncles and Aunties. We think it helps her remember and learn who her family are. Seeing people is a real treat and cuts down the distance we feel away from you all.

We also love emails, comments on the blog and facebook messages, however long or short.

Finally though, letters and parcels- these are possibly our favourites! We love to receive things in the post. They are sent to a PO Box for the school and someone from the school goes to collect them every now and again. It is always a mystery how long something will take to get here- totally varies, I don’t know why. When they are picked up Roly (sort of like the school ‘fixer’, a legend- I have many confusing conversations with him where neither of us understand exactly what the other is trying to say) waits for the most embarrassing moment possible to give them to me- like when I’m working in the library with lots of other teachers around and presents them to me. Roz has said I have to wait till I get home until we open them which is fair enough I guess. It is so exciting! I would just like to say that if you ever feel you would like to send us anything (see contact page for the address) and don’t know what to send, then chocolate is always a favourite.

All this contact is so encouraging and important for us, it makes me wonder- what did people do in the past?



  1. Hi Ben, Roz & Chloe

    So good to keep up with your news. Your blog fills us with new faith everytime we read it – thank you. Things are going well here with Frontiers, im sure you’ve been hearing updates. We’re particularly excited that God has blessed us with 2 new families at church (7 children in total!) They have both given their life to Jesus over the past few months and we’re really enjoying having their childrens in kids & youth work.

    God is good.

    Keep going on in faith, we’ll keep praying

    we miss you. The Salters xx

    p.s. the magnets you gave out were a legendary idea – you’re stck to our bread bin!

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