Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 25, 2010


We have had something of a Church-tastic week with lots of meetings and Church events, it has been great! Dave Gillard, a Pastor at Biggin Hill New Frontiers Church in the UK was with us and he has been working hard, visiting families, playing guitar, teaching guitar, preaching and teaching, praying for people and more.

I think it has been a real encouragement for the Church- to know we are connected to a family of Churches on a Mission (an often-used New Frontiers phrase in there for you!) and also to benefit from Dave’s evangelical and guitar playing gifts. People have become Christians which is amazing and there have been some good times of community. Dave also spoke about worship, the Holy Spirit and evangelism.

We have also enjoyed Dave’s visit as it has given us the opportunity to go with him and David (the Pastor- yes it did get a little confusing when Dave was speaking in English, David translating in Spanish and Dave said something about David. Or was that the other way around?) to a couple of families houses and spend time with them and some of their neighbours or wider families. This has been an eye-opener for me as I have not done this at all yet and really reminded me of the difficulties of many peoples’ lives and the challenges to follow Jesus. However, rather than dismay, I felt real love for the family I went to see and loved their hospitality.

Anyway I want to say a big thanks to Dave, we prayed for him and thanked God last night, he is now somewhere on the journey home and we ask for God to bless him.

In other, unrelated news I would like to share Roz’s most embarrassing moment so far in Bolivia. At a market, having just bought some very tasty oranges (or mandarines maybe) she put the bag firmly down on the huge pile still left. This caused an orange avalanche to take place which required the help of all the stallholders to rescue rogue oranges from all over the market. They were particularly tasty though, so maybe it was all worth it…



  1. Sounds like an amazing week, with God moving powerfully and people coming to Christ. I wish i could have seen the moment when the oranges started rolling. Hope to speak soon.

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