Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 16, 2010

Visit from UK pastor

We are excited about this week because a pastor from England has arrived today – Dave Gillard.  He is visiting for 9 days including 2 sundays.  He is a gifted evangelist and is speaking at church tomorrow morning and evening.  He will be speaking about the Holy Spirit in the morning and Worship in the evening.  During the week he is planning to go to church peeps houses and share the gospel with friends and neighbours who have been invited to come and hear him.  Next Saturday we will have a meal at church in the evening and we are inviting friends to come and here Dave speak.  It’s very exciting.

Please pray that lots of church people will manage to get to church tomorrow.

Pray for God to speak through Dave right to peoples hearts.

Pray for friends and neighbours who come to hear Dave during the week and next Saturday evening, that they will meet Jesus themselves and be changed!



  1. Hi Guys
    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom, amazing stories of God building his church and looking after his people. Love and prayers Rob

  2. Love reading these blogs,please keep them coming guys!love to you all. Roz im getting a phone card,you can buy them in tesco,ill call you soon xxxxx

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