Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 8, 2010

Settling in, not settling down

How do you know how your friendships are going? By seeing how many numbers you have on your mobile phone? We looked at ours the other day (we kind of have a joint one that we really use- Roz is in charge of it, while mine is less reliable, sometimes on and sometimes not) and found that the list of names had grown considerably since we first came here, almost without us noticing.

 Feeling more settled seems to have happened by accident and without us noticing- its something to do with knowing our way round, having an idea of home and where to buy basic things, knowing a few people and having a little routine in life.

 However even as I write this I see danger- in our Church in Exeter Andy, the pastor there, always taught that we are not to be settlers- people who settle down, get comfortable and find a comfortable rut. It is easy to look for this coming to somewhere completely new, with a different language and culture, and see this as being the aim. It should not be though, instead of settling we are called to be available to God, listening for what he wants us to do, always open to change and adventure.

 This reminds me of our sending service- I spoke then about why we were going to Bolivia and as frequently happens in my experience, realised I was probably preaching more to myself than to others.

 ‘Why are we here?’ is a question I have to ask myself often- not in the huge question sense, but why are we in Bolivia? sense. The answer to this and the big question are more closely related than I sometimes think though. We are here to build the Church. To live for Jesus and become more like Him, to enjoy Him and worship Him.

 Not here to get comfy, or find a way of playing all the music stored on my Ipod- another big question only recently solved- or to extend the list of people on our mobile phone. To live for Him.



  1. Great stuff BP. Challenging as ever, stirring our hearts to live for Him. Hope you had a good birthday.

    Love from Phil, Claire and E-G x

  2. Ben,Youhave an amazing knack of homing in on the real deal. Those issues are relevant anywhere, anytime and you have given me food for thought too. Thanks and continuing to pray for you all. Luv u, luv u, luv u! Mum

  3. Wow you’re a wise man ben! You challenge me in my everyday life. Thanks. We miss you guys, thank you for your regular emails xxxx

  4. That just made me cry (Anna). Very challenging and very inspiring! So lovely to hear all that’s going on…Praise God for what He’s doing!

    Raf’s 6 months this week! Time flies very quickly…
    Sending lots of love x x x x

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