Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 1, 2010

God at work

I want to tell you about a girl in our church.  She used to be in the YWAM girls home.  She works in a car park in the centre of town, guarding the cars and parking them.  She works there Mon – Sat during the day then she goes to a college where she cleans every evening.  There she has a room where she sleeps.  She is bringing up 2 children on her own, one is 2 year old the other 1 year old.  Sunday is a free day. 

It has been very tough recently as her boss at the carpark has not been paying her on time, she only pays her when she tells her shes really needs some money.  The college doesn’t pay well.  She hasn’t had enough money to buy milk for her children. 

We have been praying for her that God would give her a way out of this situation.  We especially prayed that she could leave the carpark job as it is dangerous for the children and the boss is not treating her well.  We prayed that she could get more hours at the college.

Last week her boss at the college offered her full time work!  She also wants her to guard the cars parked outside the college.  The money isn’t very good but she is payed regularly and she will have enough.  So she has accepted and will leave the carpark job.  What an answer to prayer!



  1. That is a great story! Happy birthday Ben! Did you get your birthday message?

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