Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | April 25, 2010

New church building, Gods amazing provision

2 weeks ago David received the news that our church building that we were renting was sold and we had 1 week to leave.  That was quite a shock.  The church had been wanting to move premises for a long time as the building was too small but the official paperwork for the church was taking a long time to come through and nothing suitable could be found.  The paperwork  to say that its recognised as an official church came through a week before we found out we had to move!

The next day a search through the paper showed a property in town which sounded great.  It is the basement of a 5 story building, it has 2 very large rooms and then a couple more smaller rooms, kitchen and toilets.  Its located near a market where street people hang out and is on lots of bus routes.  The owner needed all the money upfront. 

Amazingly Sarah and Davids church in England gave all the money needed.

We had our first service today and it was very exciting.  It has all happened so quickly and I have been amazed at Gods provision for us.  Lots of people came to church today and during the service we looked at photos showing the history of the church and it was very encouraging to see the growth and all the people who have been baptised.  God is an awesome God.

We are amazed at Gods provision and his perfect timing.  Things don’t ever happen as quickly as this in Bolivia!

Here we all are!

Our first meeting in our new building



  1. Wonderful News about your Church move – God’s provision and timing. Thank you Lord!

  2. What a thrilling read! An amazing answer ! What an awesome God!

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