Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | April 13, 2010

Feliz dia del nino!

Happy Children’s day- today is the children’s equivalent of Mothers or Fathers day in Bolivia, something I wished for in England when I was younger.

 Today, like every week, is also ‘Civic Monday’at school. This means that the whole school has an assembly together (ages from 3-18) in the gym and stand to attention while we all sing the Bolivian National Anthem and Santa Cruz Anthem. This is one of those events where if I think too much about what I’m doing it is very very funny- standing to attention, singing (sort of) the Bolivian National Anthem. One of my main aims is not to catch the eye of an Irish teacher who also sees the funny side of this. He has decided to stand to attention and look into the middle distance with a thoughtful expression on his face. I am trying a different tactic of learning  the words of the anthems… at the moment I mumble a bit and then heartily sing ‘Libertad, libertad, libertad!’ not dissimilar I suppose to the gusto with which we may sing the first verse of God save the Queen compared to the less impressive second verse no-one knows.

And now for something completely different:

Our Church has had the shock of being told we need to leave our current premises by Wednesday. David (the pastor) found this out last Wednesday, so it is slightly short notice to say the least. David has been looking for another place to rent for around two years now as the offices we have been in are too small for us, but without success. However on Thursday David found somewhere that seems suitable. We need to find the finances and pray that this will work, as well as make sure that everyone in the Church knows what is happening. It seems we may be homeless for a few weeks but we will let you know.

Please can you pray for Church, that this is an opportunity for us to grow, please pray that everyone will know what is happening and that God will provide the venue for us. Please also pray for David and Sarah, I’m sure they will have lots to organise as we move.



  1. Hola, saludos de Exeter

    Tal vez Dios quiere más espacio para crecimiento en tu iglesia??

    Sonrié cuando leía la parte al principio sobre día del nino. Es bueno leer sus noticias y ver como las cosas se están progresando.

    En mayo (cuando los estudiantes están en Exeter), creo que es un buen idea si nuestro grupo de estudio (anteriormente tu grupo) les llama a ustedes y podemos animarles por telefono. Les extranamos.

    Que el Dios de la esperanza los llene de toda alegría y paz a ustedes que creen en él, para que rebosen de esperanza por el poder del Espíritu Santo.

    PS: Note to Ben

    1) Read it through and see how much you can understand, don’t worry if you don’t know every word, you should find the gist.
    2) Read it out loud, see if any more becomes clear (all good practice)
    3) The last paragraph is stolen from the end of Romans so have a look.
    4) Be really encouraged by what you understand.
    5) Look up any new words, put them on a post-it note on the fridge.

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