Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | March 29, 2010

our neighbourhood

Our local shop, the owners love Chloe!

Bus to market and town, very fast and bumpy!

Our walk back home after getting off the bus. We live at the end of the street.
This is our road, our house is inside the black gate next to the square tree


  1. Lovely to receive emails notifying me of new posts straight away! I really enjoy your blog very much! Thank you so much for explaining everything sooooo well. I especially enjoyed reading about your visit to Margherita’s house, having fun teaching English greetings and Chloe having fun too going in and out of the rooms and making friends with some children. Well done sis!

  2. Great to see some more photos, they really help to imagine you in your new home and surroundings. Also, very exciting to hear about the English classes – I’m sure you’ll have half the village there before long, Roz! Glad Chloe likes nursery and that she has plenty of children to play with. Love reading the blogs – keep them coming. Love to you all, Dave & Liz x

  3. love love love hearing from you! Thank you for all your emails….the pictures look amazing, so different from here! Chloe looks so relaxed and chilled, fits right in. miss you xxxx

  4. That is some badass topiary going on.

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