Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | March 29, 2010

English classes, nursery and Spanish lessons

This week i started English classes.  I was quite nervous as i didn’t know how many people would come and how Chloe would be.  I went to an area called Las Cabanas in the north of the city where some church people live.  Its a poor area.  We arrived at Margaritas house at 3pm on Thursday afternoon.  Her house is actually 4 rooms together on a compound with a fence round it.  We put chairs round in a circle outside and waited for other ladies to arrive.  Altogether there were 5 ladies who came.  One brought a friend and another said she will bring a friend next time.  I was very encouraged.  We used materials that i used to use in England and listened to a CD and practiced greeting each other.  It was fun.  Chloe entertained herself by going in and out of the rooms and playing with other children.  Wherever you go there are always lots of children!

Just as we finished the class another lady arrived!  Then I found out that 2 ladies turned up after we had left!  The group was really relaxed and fun and it is a great opportunity for me to get to know people better in the place where they live and also an opportunity for them to invite friends who can then meet other church peeps. 

Chloe started at nursery this week, she will go 2 mornings a week.  Its all Spanish speaking which will be good for her.  She has loved it both times so far and i feel very proud of her.  She will make new friends and do different activities from home and have time without me which will be good.  Both mornings i have come home and sat down and worried about her rather than spending the time getting things done!  I’ve missed her but i think it is good for both of us.

Ben also started Spanish lessons this week, twice a week, one on one.  He is enjoying them so far and learning a lot.  We feel that we have entered a new phase of being here and are getting busier which is good.  We feel happy at the mo.  We are going away for Easter at the end of the week, i’m really looking forward to seeing some Bolivia and getting out of the city.

Chau for now!



  1. Really, really good to see the pics, specially the square tree!! all three of you are making amazing progress in all areas.Love you, love you, love you Mum B

  2. Love, love the photos!! chloe looks so cute. really happy the language classes went well, roz! so exciting. your road looks lovely 🙂 nice trees!
    well done for leaving chloe in nursery, i’m sure it’ll get easier…she seems to be adjusting really well.

    all good this end. took raf swimming for first time the other week- he loved it!
    lots of love x x x x x

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