Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 22, 2010

The closeness of friends and family + prayer request

Dear Friends and Family

We want to ask you to pray. Yesterday we went for a scan which showed that the baby has not grown since the last scan, about 4 weeks ago. The Doctor thinks that there is a problem and Roz will most likely miscarry. We found that out in the morning and then in the afternoon Chloe had an accident which required stitches at a hospital. She is totally fine now and will have them out next weekend, but this was a lot to take.

We haven´t known what to pray- either for a quick and natural miscarriage or that God works a total miracle and heals the baby.

We have felt lonely being away from friends and family but this weekend God has provided us with so much support, love and care, we have felt so loved by people both here and in England. David and Sarah have been amazing, Sarah took us to the hospital for Chloe and looked after us. Our Church in Exeter has prayed and we were prayed for at Church this morning. We have spoken on the phone to family and friends, it has been amazing. People are giving us faith to ask for a miracle.

I guess I want to thank God and you for your love and prayers, things will be really hard for a while but we know that our help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth.

Please pray for Roz as I go back to school tomorrow.



  1. Ben, Roz and Chloe we prayed for you all at church yesterday. I find myself praying for what I know there is now, ie for the safety of the baby. At the moment you say Roz is most likely to miscarry but the baby is there so I am praying for the baby. If things change then I can pray for that! Until you say otherwise! Take care, love you lots, The willmotts

  2. We send loads of love to you all…thinking of you and praying for you. (sent Roz facebook message too).

    Tell Chloe that Rafa’s catching up with her. In size 3 nappies already- remember when we lent you one??!!!
    x x x x x x

  3. Dear Ben, Roz & Chloe, been away this weekend but know Phil spoke to you on Sunday. Just want to affirm that we are with you and are praying. Will echo the Willmotts here in that we are praying for your little baby, for its protection and healing. So encouraged to hear that you have met with God in your time of need….draw close to Him, He is with you in the valley as much as on the mountain. We love you lots. Roz – praying for you for strength as Ben’s back at school. Praying for the Chloster too. Much love. xxx

  4. That is so great that Sarah Adjei was able to take you to the hospital and take care of you at a time when you were feeling so very vulnerable. Sounds like you are having a very very challenging time indeed with soooooo much at once to get your heads round! I hope Roz can go out a bit and explore more and meet new people who you can be supported by and show support to by simple acts of kindness and friendship. Lots of love Ali xxxx

  5. Roz, Ben, Chloe, we are thinking about you and know that this is a very difficult time for you both. With loads of love Pete & Vicki xxx

  6. Hi guys.. Luke and I are praying for Speedie, and for you all, for ‘peace that transcends all understanding’ – whatever the outcome of this pregnancy. What a test you are having, but your faith and reliance on God is SUCH a blessing, without Him we are nothing, with Him all is possible. Stay strong.
    Love you. Whenever I go to the fridge I’m praying for you! 🙂 xx

  7. Hi guys, been praying for you loads since I spoke to you on Saturday. Just tried to call you but you’re not in….wondering how you went today? I am praying that the baby is totally fine…stay hopeful. Love u lots and praying for you all. Thinking of you. Ali and jax xxxx

  8. Oh guys. Wonder how the week is going for you both. Be reminded that despite the buffeting of these storms you are truely safe in the palm of God’s hand. With our love x

  9. Ben, Roz and Chloe
    I was very sad to hear of your latest news and wanted you to know that you really are in my thoughts.
    I have seen many medical miracles in my time and will pray that yours is another.
    Whatever the outcome, you are in Gods safe hands and you will have the strength to deal with it.
    Lots of love, gorgeous Powells

  10. We have been praying and asking others to pray. I guess you may be feeling a bit like Job at the moment. I guess I don’t really know what to say to you, but I know that God is wonderfully good and loves your family. Jesus is walking with you by his Spirit.

    I find it amazing that I can read blogs from you both at the moment and come away encouraged at how you look to God with all of this going on. It is very challenging being part of such a family.

    We watched The Motorcycle Diaries the other day – you would both love it – a young Che Guevara and friend travel across South America – bottom to top, see injustices, do the Inca trail, go to a leprosy colony and are really impacted. They are both very funny as well. Me and Jess felt very ‘cultured’ watching such a film.

  11. Hi Ben, Roz & Chloe, Thinking of you lots and praying for you all. Love from Dave and Liz x

  12. I’ve been praying for you, that God will guide your prayers and give you peace about what is happening. Jony was right when he said it’s challenging being in this family. You and Roz have always been honest and open and it’s such an encouragement that you have been relying on God, acknowledging that every good thing comes from him. I hope that i can have that same attitude here in Cheltenham. Hope Chloe is well, missing you all lots
    Love Rich x

  13. Hi Ben & Roz,
    We have been praying for you in church this morning & are so sorry to hear about the loss of your little one – we do feel for you & pray that God’s love will wrap you closely & that you sense his tender Father heart. We tried to email before – sent a long message but then it just vanished – in some ways I look back to the days of written letters with regret! Just been up to Christ Church in London which was refreshing & caught up with Rosie, Andy Tuck & Ed Boyd – they’re all doing great. How’s the Spanish going, Ben? We hope you are now able to express that wonderful quirky personality of yours! Anyway, lots of love to you all from your other family at Exeter Frontiers. xxx
    Clare & Steve

  14. Hello lovely powells, just a little message to say that we love you lots! Praying for protection and stength for you all. Know we are all thinking of you x x

  15. Hi the powells in santa cruz, thinking and praying for you at this time, kids say hello. God is for you!!

    Yours in Christ


  16. Ben and Roz
    You are often in our thoughts and our prayers, particularly over the last and coming days. Take good care of each other.

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