Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 18, 2010

Personal News

We´ve had a hard few weeks with 2 family deaths.  My Uncle Hugh died and then last weeek Bens Grandma died.  They were both christians which is brilliant but we have both felt so far away from family during these weeks.  Knowing that our families were at the funerals and we couldn´t be there was difficult.  Prayer has been really important and a real knowledge that they are hidden with Christ.

We also have good news to share, we are going to have another baby!  I am 10 weeks pregnant.  Please pray for protection for the baby.  Please also pray for us to get used to the Bolivian antenatal care system.  It´s all so different from England.  Were getting used to paying for each consultation.  We found out the week we left the UK and it was quite a lot to get our heads round.  things happened a little bit quicker than we expected – we have named the bump Speedie!  We are very excited.  Speedie is due on September 13th. 

P.S Ben finds it funny that to say I am pregnant in Spanish is estoy embarazada!



  1. Wooooop! I’m hoping for a Nephew! Will be praying for you guys with understanding all the medical lingo and for all the checkups as well. Grandma’s funeral was very moving, Uncle Derek (on Grandad’s behalf), Dad and Jony spoke of her life as a wife, a mother and a Grandmother. Hope Chloe is doing well and that the Spanish is improving.

    Love Rich

  2. Oh that must be really hard guys. Really sorry that you weren’t able to be at her funeral, I can only imagine what that feels like. My Grandads been in hospital with pnuemonia so I pegged it down to Northampton to see him thinking it would be the last time i saw him but he’s at home having recovered now. Having spoken to Andy in Canada about that I kinda know a little bit of what that must feel like to be so far away. I hope that you’ve been able to grieve properly Ben, we’ll continue to pray for you guys.

    Oh and I’m glad that we can talk openly about Speedy now! We hope that your feeling ok and praying for your pregnancy.

    Pips getting bigger and bigger (I guess as you’d expect really) and getting quite forgetful, it’s really funny! She’s only got 5 more shifts after today but wishes this was the last! Were still living in squalor while the kitchen gets finished off but excited that it’s nearly done! The new church is going well but many things to pray for with illness etc and trying to find our feet and ways of doing things.
    Apologies to everyone for the wordy comment, please ignore if you don’t know us!

    We love you guys and can’t wait to speak on Skype maybe when Pips on Mat leave.

    God bless love Si (and Pip and Kermit!)

  3. Dear wonderful Powell family,
    It certainly has been a hard time for you guys of late. Praise God that they were believers and are now with their Lord and Saviour. We’ve been praying for you as you miss family at this time, not just with this sad news but with the joy of sharing your little Powell baby! Glad you’ve announced it now, everyone at Frontiers will be thrilled no doubt. Love to see some pics of the bump, lol!

    Really admire your honesty in sharing your ‘familiarity’ thoughts. You guys are so faithful and even though it’s hard, you know who your rock is. Keep pressing on….God will use everything to make you more like Jesus for his glory. We love you lots, as do many others. Keep the prayer requests coming! It’s a joy and a privilege to be part of your journey. Loads of love, the Annetts. xxxx 🙂

  4. Hi Roz and Ben congratulations on your news! A lovely brother or sister for Chloe.

    Uncle Hugh thanks giving service was really moving especially when Ruth and Tony and his grand daughters got up and spoke about their memories of him.

    Take care xxx Angie

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