Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 6, 2010

A few headlines..

Dear Friends and family

These are the headlines of our life at the moment:


I’m feeling more confident at school now, working out how things are done + getting to know the students. I’m starting to relax and enjoy myself more. I get back home earlier than I ever did in England, Roz especially appreciates this!


We have just bought some fans and are very excited to use them and have Chloe in her own room tonight, hopefully we’ll all sleep more!


The school hope to get these sorted soon. Please pray this will happen as bank account and health insurance can’t be sorted until after the visa.


The battle continues…

The joy of small achievements

I can’t tell you how much pleasure I get from completing small everyday tasks- catching a micro home from school and not getting lost; having a small conversation in Spanish and being understood; saying the worlds shortest prayer in Spanish at a meeting; these small things feel so good.

Roz and Chloe

Have had a mixed week, it has been frustrating for Roz to stay in and wait for someone to come and install the phone who doesn’t turn up.


Next weekend is Carnaval is Santa Cruz, ending on Tuesday. Apparently this is a crazy street party where people drink heavily and throw water, paint and worse at passers by. It sounds brutal. One person said they make sure they stay inside the whole time it goes on. However Fuente De Vida is having a Church weekend away at David and Sarah’s house- this is really exciting, the first time they have done anything like this before. Please can you pray for people to be able to come, for the Church to stand out as different, for David as he speaks on ‘Money, sex and power’ and for the Holy Spirit to fill people and speak to us. Roz and I will give a short devotional talk which we need to prepare too. Please also pray that we can get to know people better and be a blessing. We’re really looking forward to it!


We received our first parcels from England this week and loved them so much, they were incredibly encouraging and exciting!

Love Ben, Roz and Chloe

PS Jony- happy birthday bro!



  1. You can’t BUY fans and put them to work! They’re meant to follow you around shouting ‘Ben Ben Ben Ben’. Be patient, I’m sure you’ll get some, relax, don’t lose sleep over this issue. We LOVE YOU GUYS!!

    Your No. 1 Fans!!!!! xx

  2. Hi,
    Just catching up on your news-it all sounds very exciting and hey – just a short prayer in Spanish is amazing! How many of the rest of us could pray in a another language-so be encouraged- well done!Every time I look at our toaster I see you all-so we’re thinking of you often. Either i eat a lot of toast or its in a prominent place?!!Love Carole and Mike

  3. Discovered i can access your blog from work yay! So hello from my desk in the office! everything sounds good out there, be so good once skype is up and running! i reckon you need to stay indoors next weekend, noone likes a painty face! Ben your spanish sounds like its improving, well done, gold star for you!! Miss you all and thinking of you xxxxxxx

  4. Hellooo!! Thinking of you all- been so lovely to read how you’re getting on- you’re very good at updating the blog! well done, ben for making some language progress 🙂
    Rafa’s growing so quickly, 3 months this week! you can see photos on facebook when you’re connected to the internet. I love being a mum!
    Got some new songs nearly ready from matt so will keep you posted…
    we send loads of love
    the gilos x x x x x x

  5. Hey guys sounds as though you’re on a steep learning curve but having a great time! Great that the language is beginning to come more naturally and the baptisms sounded awesome!
    We had an amazing weekend here with Matt Partridge who was teaching on prayer and God breaking in . . one of the recurring phrases was ‘Gods in a good mood!’. Saw Many really responding and sense of lives getting straightened out. 2 people became christians on Sunday! (Steve)
    Wonder how Chloe is doing? Ollie is speaking in sentences (short). We had a lovely time throwing stones into the sea and saying Splash! I think Ollie would happily have stayed there all day. Hope the phone man arrived in the end – poor Ros. We all miss you here — God bless and love,
    Steve & Clare xxx

  6. Thinking of and praying for you especially at this time. May God be your rock in times of trouble. Lots of love Carole

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