Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 27, 2010

Baptisms on Sunday

5 people were baptised last Sunday in David and Sarahs pool.  We woke up to pouring rain and it took a while to find a taxi to take us to their house.  We were worried as church started at 10 and we didn´t get there till 1045 but we were the first to arrive!  Graduallyfamilies arrived. but they took so long that everyone needed to eat before the service as it was lunch time.  Sarahs parents bought everyone chicken and chips which we all enjoyed.

When ther service started in the garden it was brilliant.  There were about 60 people.  We had time of worship first, singing ´How great is our God´in Spanish, then heard testimonies before being baptised in the swimming pool.  We loved being able to pray for people and give verses.  We felt we could really join in.  Afterwards everyone played in the pool.  Ben managed 15 mins of football before the heat overtook him !  It was our best day so far and amazing to see poeple comitting their lives to God, it was so different from baptisms in England  but also in lots of ways exactly the same.



  1. Really encouraging to read about the garden party & baptisms, and that you could feel part of it all, meeting more folk etc.
    Been praying for Ben this week meeting the kids for the first time – they’ll all love him!
    Love you all so much, can’t wait to SKYPE! Mum

  2. Hi Ben and Roz,
    Good to hear that the children are friendly. Amazing to be here sitting by the fire while you are baking over there. We’ve just had Haggis for tea – a bit of a struggle catching it in the first place (their legs are shorter on one side than the other which means that they can belt around hills at great speed. The trick is to get them to face the other way round when they fall over).
    Lots of love, dad

  3. Just made eye contact with you 3 as I opened our fridge and so felt compelled to check in on you! What a Sunday you had. Glad you were encouraged by it. Funny thing… last week in Plymouth we drove past your Dad Ben .. took a while for my brain to compute (what’s new!?)… you never know what’s around the corner! You Powells are everywhere it would seem! Lots of love x

  4. According to the bbc our max temp today in Southampton is 3 degrees and yours in Santa Cruz is 29 degrees! What a contrast! It is actually a really beautiful day today, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Just heard on the Sky News it is the Australian Open Final tomorrow. Are you hearing news from around the world anywhere ie via internet, tv or radio?

  5. That’s brilliant! So amazing to think of people all around the world being baptised – there would have been people baptised in most countries of the world that day – what a thought. We have some students from South Korea coming to Christianity Explored at Church which has got me thinking about how wonderful it will be to see every tribe and tongue worshipping Christ. So glad you felt such a part of it on Sunday.
    By the way, I will be expecting a birthday email of some description…Just for your info – we will be having breakfast on the beach with some friends with an (original) Star Wars marathon to follow on my birthday. Jess is pretty excited about the Star Wars I can tell you! Love Jon and Jess

  6. hello powells, baptisms sound awesome. was cool talking you you yesterday,sorry i couldnt hear you very well. hope you had a great ‘santa cruz day’ and enjoyed your ice cream and milkshakes!! do they have a maccy d’s out there??thats one of the things i need to know before i come out!!miss you all,lots of hugs to clo xxx

  7. It has been great to keep up to date with your news. Glad everything is going well. With snow again here this morning it’s hard to imagine what 35 feels like! Have a good week. We’ll be praying for you. Matt, Beth and Susanna x

  8. Dear Roz, Ben & Chloe,

    So good to be able to read all about your new life in Santa Cruz. It’s good to hear that you had a great day last Sunday – I’m sure they will get more frequent but must be hard adjusting to everything new and finding a niche for yourselves. It is there just be patient! Amazing opportunities.

    We’re missing you lots back here but our NCT group is still meeting. Jessica has just had chicken pox and an infection but is on the mend now. I’m now trying to talk to Jessica lots about the new baby growing in her Mummy’s tummy!

    Take care of yourselves and so glad Chloe seems to be doing well with the move and is sooo protected.

    Love and Prayers to you all.
    Hilary, Jamie & Jessica

  9. Hi Guys
    Great to hear all your good news. It sounds amazing. You are very much in our thoughts and our prayers, every time we have toasted anything infact…. you are on the toaster!. Naomi was asking about you today. Let us know when you can skype and we can see you, bites n all! Large amounts of willmott love

  10. So glad to hear all is going well with you guys. Been thinking about you lots and praying all settles down and you feel completely settled soon. I know how difficult I’ve found moving to a new place and wanting it all to fall into place straight away – and I’ve only gone to Cornwall! I’m sure God’s hand is in it all and you will be truly blessed while being a massive blessing to people there. People keep reminding me that God goes before us everywhere we go so keep trusting that all will fall into place perfectly in His timing. Lots of love Naomi xx

  11. Hi Ben, Roz and Chloe

    Ali has just forward me blog and I have really enjoyed reading your adventures, you are both very brave and I will be following your lives there from now on.
    All my love big sis Angie xxxx

  12. Hi – glad the baptisms went well though we’re sure a lot has happened since then! Having a 10.00 service after lunch sounds great. I think your father may have been exaggerating a little about the haggis, and I wasn’t aware he was Scottish……
    We are hopefully seeing your ma and pa on Saturday and will catch up then. Keep persevering with the Spanish,and the teaching and don’t forget to enjoy the culture and of course little Chloe!
    Lots of love to you all Mike & Ruth

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