Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 23, 2010

Update- one week in!

Dear friends and family

Thanks so much for your comments and prayers, we appreciate them loads. This is a little update on how things are:

School- This has been a hard week at school, I haven´t really known what I´m doing and theres loads to get used to, not least lots of paper and meetings in 2 languages! Can´t believe the children start on Monday!

Ants and mozies- These seem to be everywhere! We are getting used to lots of mozy bites, amazingly Chloe doesn´t seem to have been bitten once! Slightly jealous, but feel relieved! Ants are everywhere are they are either giant ones (giant for an ant, not compared to us) or mini. They seem to be winning our nightly battles although Roz´s red shoes are good for squashing. We have to be careful about leaving any food or drinks out.

Heat- The temperature is hot, hot, hot! We are finding it hard to adjust to and by 8 in the evening are ready for bed in our air conditioned room.

Chloe- We have to thank God that she is doing so well, we think God is protecting her from bites and all sorts. She is loved wherever we go. She´s getting a few more words too which is cool! Some in Spanish- hola and agua and then gog (dog) and chair which is still her favourite. Her repertoire of animal noises is also increasing. Roz thinks she can now do elephants, but I have yet to see it.

Church– Tomorrow 4 or 5 people are getting baptised in David and Sarah´s swimming pool which is really exciting! We´re looking forward to hearing their testimonies.

Phone and internet– This should be ready by Wednesday which will be a real lifeline. However things often seem to take longer than we hope, something we need to get used to. 

Feelings- We are up and down a lot at the moment, sometimes we can´t believe we´ve actually come and it seems so different to what we´re used to. We´re trying to trust God and look to Him.

Love Ben, Roz and Chloe



  1. Hola Ben, Roz and Chloe! Can’t believe it’s over a week now. So good to picture you going to the park, squashing ants etc. I was never a great role model round insects was I Ben? Praying for you all in these hard first weeks especially starting school next week. I am sure you will be fine because you are an outstanding teacher and I’m not biased at all. Children always like a new teacher, especially one like you. We love you all and miss you too. Mum and Dad P xxx

  2. Hello, sounds like there’s a lot going on in your first week. 5 people getting baptized will be great, and in that heat they’ll enjoy the water. School will go fine i reckon, I agree with Mum on this one, they’ll love you. Hoping the battle against the giant ants goes well. love you.

  3. Hi both,
    whilst I can thank God we do not have such ants, with the weather being like it is in the Uk a little heat wouldn’t go amiss!
    Can’t quite believe you have finally gone! We are still very much in contact with the El Camino Church in Mexico – who knows we may be coming out for a visit!
    We’ll keep praying for you Ben to learn the language quickly and that you’ll both make good friends locally.
    We’ll keep an eye on the blog.
    Love to you all and kisses for Chloe
    love Russ Cassie Jacob Charlotte and Samuel xxxx

  4. Dear Roz, Ben & Chloe, I just felt like writing another comment and as I didn’t write one in this post I would write one here! I wonder how now, 3 weeks in, you are learning to adapt in mosquitoland. I wonder if you are finding ways to avoid getting bites and also ways of avoiding mozie’s. I guess they have a habit of infiltrating everywhere! But perhaps you have found a way to keep them out of your airconditioned bedroom? I know mosquitoes are a pest to people. Are they a pest to animals to and to the land or I wonder if they also have a good reason for being…. a helpful reason! Perhaps I will check that out on the internet…! I am just cooking some lamb for my dinner to have with vegetable soup. Love, Ali x

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