Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 18, 2010


Sorry this is so late but our house does not have internet yet.  Our flights were brilliant, much better than last time, Chloe actually slept!

We arrived safely really late on Friday night, we were met by Amanda, the Director of Bens school who took us to our new home.  There is loads of space for us with 2 bedrooms, dining room and lounge butit is sparsely furnished and a bit echoey!

We are trying to adjust, things feel a bit crazy at the mo.  Chloe seems to be the best adjusted out of all of us.  She says hola to everyone, even waving at people from the bus.  We thank God for this.

We have spent lots of time with the Adjeis at the weekend, they have been so kind and generous.  They have lent us lots of useful things and its been good to see familiar faces. 

Ben started school today.  He was picked up at 730 and i was very pleased to see hime come back at 1.30pm!  it has been quite overwhelming for him.  We are quite up and down at the moment, trying to give our feelings to God.

Please pray:

  • For our Spanish to improve
  • Protection
  • Make friends
  • Practical things to sort out with school, for example, phone and internet
  • Maid, that i will know what to ask her to do and not to do, and she will understand!
  • We love you very much.

P.s we are writing this from an internet cafe inside a somebodys house with really fast computers!

not sure how often we can blog at mo as don´t have easy access yet.



  1. WELL DONE! Great to hear from Liz about your excellent journey and stop off in Miami. Even though you’ve been there before you must have so much to learn/take in about your surroundings/people etc etc… no wonder Ben is overwhelmed with going to school so soon after arriving. So one day at a time…?!

  2. So pleased you’ve got there safe and sound and that the flight was cool. I bet you’ll have the house feeling all homely before you know it.

    I’ve been putting off packing my bag for Tz now for almost 13hours. It was the only thing on my to do list for today but it’s got to be nearly bedtime so I think that’ll be one for tomorrow! Our house is still unchanged and we’re moving out the day after tomorrow. Ooops. But also we met a lovely lady who has been relocated in our area by the social security because of bad neighbours at her old place and went to hang with her for dinner.I think we might give her some of our old furniture etc.

    Oh and we have a tenant (or 3 actually) so that’s good.

    Hope you find a way to take time to relax and enjoy yourself even amidst the craziness.

    Love you lots.

  3. Great to hear you’ve arrived.
    Keep the news coming.

  4. So lovely to hear from you. Trying to enter into it all with you,praying loads. love you, love you, loveyou. Mum

  5. We have been thinking of you and praying for you all so much, so it has been good to hear of your safe arrival and of Chloe’s adjustment. Children are amazing the way they cope with changes and I’m sure that will be a help to you both as you begin to settle and structure your new life. We will look forward to keeping up with you through your blog.
    With lots of love U Chris & A Rachel

  6. Hey so glad to hear you’ve got there ok, was beginning to get quite concerned! Been praying for you lots and will continue to. All action for us now, will have a new boiler by the time I’m home which is very exciting!

    Look forward to more updates!

    God bless Si

    p.s thanks for all the presents you left us. Can’t wait to read about what an idiot Andre Agassi is!

  7. So good to hear you are there safely. we have been checking in and thinking of you. go easy on yourselves – one day, step, centimetere at a time – God has tight hold of your hands as you fasten your seatbelts for this ride! lots of love The Davies clan x

  8. Hey fam! Glad things are good so far, glad you’re settling in and Chloe’s loving the holas! Let us know when you have skype and we’ll get straight to skyping you!

    We booked our flights to Bali and Oz last Fri, booking flights to NZ, Fiji and Boliv at easter, yaaaaay! Travels are most definitely going ahead.

    You guys are awesome, catch ya soon
    Big love
    Mim and John xx

  9. Hola – Chloe’s teaching us Spanish now!

    Great news all round & we will continue to remember / pray for you all.

    I remember early starts for school in Ghana too – I think it was 2 lessons before breakfast!!

    A Lois & U Keith

  10. Yo Powells! Really glad you all have arrived safe and that Chloe is settling well! PTL!!! Been thinking lots about you guys as we consider moving to Uganda which probably won’t be for awhile but totally get the changes in culture, language, friends, church from my experience over Christmas so will pray straight into all that!!!

    You guys look great in your picture – so sad we didn’t get to see you but got photos up of you so we can pray!

    Hope to hear from you soon! Never blogged before so this is new!


  11. So glad to hear you got their safely. We’ve been praying and will continue to do so.

    Love Fi & Jon xx

  12. Hello lovely powells! So pleased your journey went smoothly. Thinking and praying for you loads. h & t x x (overton)

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