Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 4, 2010

Sending Service

Yesterday was our final time at our Church in Exeter before we leave to go to Bolivia next week.

It was a Sending Service for us- I spoke about why we are going and our Church laid hands on us and prayed for us as we leave. It was an emotional day as lots of our family came and we said goodbyes to them and our Church family too. Thank you so much to people who came or came back especially from holidays to be there, we really appreciated it.

It was great to get the chance to share about why we’re going, although it was hard going as my emotions are all over the place at the moment. For people who couldn’t make it I hope it’ll be on Frontiers Church’s website under their sermons.

We’re going because

  • God has called us
  • God has provided for us through the generosity and obedience of people
  • We’re on an adventure
  • We are going to build the Church in Santa Cruz
  • We are being sent by Frontiers Church and our family

We were prayed for and people gave us words from God, really encouraging and we’ll need to look back at them when things are hard as we get used to being in a new country and city.

As I got ready for the service I was reminded again of God’s guiding and faithfulness- He has spoken to us so clearly about going, but more than that has prepared us and provided for us. We only go in his strength. I was also reminded of how we have grown through Frontiers Church, God has written many things onto our hearts through this amazing church family.

I feel so grateful for the support we have as we are sent- with an unbreakable cord that crosses continents between England and Bolivia. This was a word that Rob gave to us and is a real encouragement!



  1. Look at me, I’m blogging!!
    It was good to practice the skype – we’ll definitely get better at having actual conversations, the name comes from ‘sky peer to peer’ in case you were wondering.
    It was so good to be at your sending service on Sunday – wouldn’t have missed it. It really inspires us to see you seeking God’s kingdom so powerfully yet humbly.
    I’ve realised that we have at least 6 ways of keeping in touch – letter, phone, email, facebook, skype and blog so there really are no excuses.
    We will be praying for you as you have to say goodbyes to so many close friends and family and as you start in Bolivia. We will also get our house group praying.
    You’ll have to let us know about the best times to skype you when you are in Bolivia.
    Love Jon and Jess xxxxxxx

  2. Roz, Ben & Chloe,
    I am very excited for you knowing you should be there by the weekend! I can’t remember what Bolivia time is in relation to UK time yet but I’m sure I’ll soon know it well! I have just been looking at the website,
    SCIS seems like a wonderful school.
    Don’t know if you got my “Bon Voyage” card in time or if you will read this in time but anyway, “¡Buen viaje!” or “Espero que usted tuviera un buen viaje.” Love, Alibali xxx

  3. Thinking and praying for you all for the journey and arrival and settling in. The sending service sounds great. Will also try and support your mother as she gets used to you being so far away!

    Love from Mike & Ruth xxx

  4. Hello, it’s your other brother here! thought i would begin my blogging journey (finally). Hoping all your departure stuff will go well tomorrow, praying that you can fly out alright with all this snow. The sending service was brilliant, I’ve already been using your testimony as an example at CU of faithfully following God (we’re looking at Jonah so there’s a good link, think following God’s call, rather than being swallowed by a big fish). Hope to speak to you soon.
    Love Rich

  5. Welcome to Bolivia powells hope you’ve had a safe journey and all get good first nights sleeps. Loveyou loads

  6. How are you all. We have just had a talk by Guy Millar from bournemouth. Very challenging and spoke about being on fire for God and continuously on fire for him. Based on the 1 kings 15 Elijah and prophets of Baal passage. Be very encouraged as you are on fire for God and this is a great place to be. It also affects other people. it has too! which is also a good thing! Hope flight was good, love you loads, RRMGN.

  7. Hiya! How’s things?? Ben, you must have started at school already…hope your first week is going well. Adjusting to the climate must take a while! Snow has calmed down in South West!

    We send you all lots of love and think about you often… x x Matt Anna Rafa

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