Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 23, 2009

Decision made!

You may well know what we are going to say but we have decided to go for it! After getting back we looked at the prayer requests we made and God has answered all of them! He has been so faithful and gentle with our fears, He is amazing!

We feel he has confirmed his plan for us through the job and our heart for the Church and people we met. This means leaving Exeter and moving to Bolivia in January 2010- wowsers. That is less than 2 months. Please do pray for all our practical preparation, especially renting the flat out and getting official documents sorted.

Thanks again for your prayers and support!



  1. Have been following your blog – and we praise God for the way he has led you all. It all sounds exciting and daunting!
    As you say there is a lot to do and we will keep praying for all the practical things.
    Chris and Laura are engaged and you will get invite to the wedding in May…….. We were beginning to think all you Powell boys would be married before our two got on with it!
    You may or may not be interested to know this is a first for me in blogging!!
    God bless you all
    Love from Mike and Ruth

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