Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 10, 2009

Home tomorrow!

Dear everyone

Thanks again for your comments- it has made a real difference to us being here, we’ve felt so connected to people and well supported by you.

This will be our last post here but there are a few photos on some older posts. We’ll continue to use this back in England but less often.

Two weeks has passed in a flash, we know that God has been ahead of us every step of the way. We met with the school’s director for the last time yesterday and I have been offered a two year contract with one-way flights, visas and a fully-furnshed house for us to live in. God has answered our prayers and everything seems to say go but we will decide for certain when we are back home. If we accept it will mean moving here in January 2010 (pretty much 2 months exactly).

We fly tomorrow morning and arrive in England on Thursday. Please pray for Chloe- she didn’t love the flight out and is not feeling 100%, maybe because of her teeth. We think she’s got nine now! 3 since we’ve been here.

Lots of love Ben and Roz.



  1. Amazing stuff! Praise God! Bless you both. Safe journey home, see you soon 🙂

  2. Well home Mr and Mrs Powell (and Chloe!). We look forward to catching up everything, and will be in touch soon. How easy is it for you to get to Bristol, btw?

  3. Hi Roz and Ben. You will be home by now. How quickly the time went! We enjoyed being part of the experience. It was obvious the Lord was directing your paths and now we pray that you will have the wisdom and courage to make the decision. Remember ~ ‘let the PEACE of CHRIST
    rule in your heart’. Cols 3 v. 15

    We send you our love and prayers.
    Keith and Lois

  4. Welcome back to England again! Hope you keep warm, dry and cosy in your flat in King Arthurs Road and sleep very well to recover from a long long journey! xx

  5. Dear Ben, Roz and Chloe,

    Have enjoyed reading your blog, it has obviously been a very special time despite Chloe’s teeth bothering her. Will pray that you have an easier journey home.

    That passage in Joshua 1 has always meant a lot to me as well over the years since leaving my home country. I know Denmark is not as far away as Bolivia, but it seemed a long way when I left over 30 years ago. My parents had that Scripture passage as a picure on the wall at home, and it has brought me comfort many times and reminds us how faithful our God is and that we need not fear what the future may hold, because He knows and will be with us.

    Well done for being offered the job at the school. I am sure God will use all 3 of you mightily.

    God bless and give you a safe journey.

    Love from Karen

  6. so amazing to see what God has been doing out in bolivia with you both, am astounded by his wonderful provision for you, exciting stuff, praise God!xxx

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