Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 8, 2009

Church peeps & food



Hi all

I went visiting a few families a few days ago.  I travelled on lots of buses to get to homes on the outskirts of the city.  As we travelled further away from the centre it got very dusty and less built up.  It took about 1 and a half hours to get to one of the barrios where a lot of the guys live now.  I visited a home of a girl who has lived on the streets for years but is now back living with her mum and about 6 brothers and sisters.  She has 2 children of her own, one is a 2 month old baby boy who i held.  She is beaten up often by her boyfriend still.  She has become a christian and its amazing that shes been living at home for 6 months now without running away to the streets.

I visited a few other relatives of ex street kids who live in that area and have joined the church.  I realised what a long bus ride they have to get to church on a Sunday 1 and a half hours to centre of town.  This shows amazing commitment and they use what little money they have for the bus.  Also if it rains they cannot get to church as the roads turn to mud and the buses dont go there.  It’s raining at the moment so i’m wondering who will manage to come to church tomorrow.

We also visited the YWAM girls home that D & S used to work for. It was another opportunity to meet ex street girls and see them getting the chance to have a childhood.  The youngest girl living there is 8 years old.  We think this is a great project.

FOOOD!!!   has been good.  We went to town for lunch with Chlo yesterday and had Sonso – kind of like cheesy mashed potato.  Today we ate Sopa – broth like soup, and chicken and rice which was very tasty.  We’ve been enjoying eating bolivian food.  We babysat this afternoon for D & S so they could go to the cinema.  We had a taste of what it would be like to have 4 children!!  Tired now!  This morning we all went to the zoo, Chloe liked seeing the amazing jaguars as much as picking up leaves from the ground!  The highlight for us was meeting a sloth face to face.



  1. Morning B, R and chloe. It is early am here. Cold and wet due to lots and lots of rain. Fireworks have been going off in all directions! Keep close to your father in heaven and learn lots. Love to you all. Philemon verse 6.

  2. Hey sis, that sounds crazy that they take an hour and a half to get to the church and if it rains they cant even get there!youre being very brave. when I think of the things you must see, compared to my little sheltered existence here in lordswood and winchester!!what a contrast!missing you loads, keep the updates coming and so glad chlo is enjpying herself with the animals and food! xxxx

  3. Hope you’ve had a great second sunday and that it didn’t rain too hard for all the people to come. Been colder here – you,ll need those woollies at the ready! Tell Chloe that there are plenty of leaves at granny’s house at the moment, in fact I had to do a big clearup yesterday as we could hardly open the porch door! I could do with her help!! Loads of love to you all. Mum

  4. Enjoyed reading “church peeps & food”! It’s cold in England and I’m going for the layered approach as usual! xx

  5. Hello Ben, Roz and Chloe
    I’m back from Plymouth and seeing my mum and dad. Your grandparents send their love and are praying every day for you all. My mum continues to weaken. I saw your cousin Steven and Becca on Saturday and they were very excited about your news (they are a very excitable couple!).

    Lots of love, dad

  6. Hi guys,

    Thinking of you often! So glad that you are enjoying being out there…great news about Ben being offered the job – well done!

    The food sounds good and I’m glad that you are managing to cope with the weather…

    We are praying for you in Exeter and miss you lots, can’t wait to see you soon,

    Lots of love and a big hug, love jackie xxxxx

  7. Hi Guys, It’s been great reading your blog – you come away with a sense of God’s greatness and goodness. I’ve found it such an encouragement and we’re meant to be encouraging you!? Isn’t it amazing that the God we worshipped yesterday at church in England is the same as the one you worshipped in Bolivia-awesome!Praying that God will lead you into all that He has in store for you. Much love M&C

  8. Your minds must be spinning with all the people you have met, things you have done and thought about these last 2 weeks! WELL DONE you 3 some! Thinking of you as you make your return trip. I wonder if you are taking the same route home… I pray you’ll enjoy the food and film and Chloe remembers how to sleep and the experience is more relaxing! Remember it’ll be cold when you get out of the plane in England! The temperature here in S’ton today is ranging from about 4 – 9 degrees, mostly 4 and and was a little chillier in the night. Lots of love, Alibali xx

  9. Hello Powells!
    Well my goodness me, sounds like you guys have been through a bit of an emotional turmoil over the last week…..really lovely to hear how you’re gettting on, everyone sounds amazing, definately a Powell shaped hole in the projects, church and school you’ve been visiting. Praying for you loads
    Can’t wait to see you soon. Loads of love P S n K

  10. Hey guys, just another quick message to let you know that I’m thinking of you out there. You’re in my prayers. It’s so good to hear that you’re relying and trusting in God for both your time out there and for your futures. I pray that you will be able to trust Him more with your future as a family.
    All for now, have a safe return journey if I don’t post again. God bless, Abe.
    p.s. The zoo sounds great, I’d love to see a sloth!

  11. Hi you two. Just to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers as you travel back. Its cold here!!

  12. What a surprising “sloth” picture. I thought they were always hanging around up atree in deepest sloth slumber!! Oh well, Bolivia is full of surprises!
    Anyway see you soon plus winter woolies and
    happy landings! loads a luv Mum

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