Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 5, 2009


Ben went to school today for the second time to teach.  He felt more confident and at home this time but was surprised by 2 parrots living inside the school grounds!  Everything has been positive, the Director (Amanda) has asked us to let her know if we want the  job before we leave for England next week.  We have both been feeling that this is right, please pray for wisdom for us.  We are in contact with our Elders who are praying.  There are a few issues :  Visas for me and Chlo  accomodation and finance for flights.

This morning we visited the city centre and went for a coffee  together.  There is a large central plaza with benches under shady trees and a cathedral.  Ben bought his daily saltena and we saw the famous Bits n Cream (just for you Dave H!)  It was good to see the centre.  The whole of Santa Cruz is nowhere near as big as Lima.

I’m hopefully going to visit some Church peeps tomorrow with Lydia who works full time for the church.  I’m looking forward to that.  Chloe put her flip flops in the dolls pram today and pushed them round!Chloe and I in the main plaza



  1. Our housegroup was praying for you all last night. We are sure God will lead you to the right decision and will supply your needs.
    Love mum and dad P

  2. Really great to read this new post. Praying for you today as I’m off to mums and toddlers…

  3. Likewise, my homegroup prayed for you all last night – I read some of the blogs to them! I will pray about your concerns and decisionsand that you will have some time to relax and reflect. May the Lord bless & encourage. loads of love Mum

  4. Sounds as though you are having an awesome but steep learning curve experience! We will pray God gives you real wisdom and peace about your decision.
    Love Steve & Clare B

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