Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 5, 2009

Depending on God

This post will be a little more reflective- I just want to share what I’m thinking and Roz is out visiting people from the Church, Chloe is sound asleep and it is a little cooler so I’m drinking coffee and probably in that frame of mind.

I find depending on God is the major lesson He keeps returning me to. Being in Bolivia and thinking about moving here means we have been turning to Him all the time and putting our trust in God. However, now that I have taught at the school, we’ve been here a little while and feel more relaxed, I can quickly find myself getting comfortable and not fully trusting. This is not what I want. I want to live life as an adventure with God, trusting Him for everything, not depending on myself. It’s interesting that my natural, sinful default returns so quickly here in Bolivia as it does in Exeter. Depending on God is not automatic and I want to grow in this. Our feelings are so changeable, yet God is the Rock who does not change. He is self-existent and depends on no-one. (Been reading some Christian books).

I also wanted to say thanks so much for your prayers- home groups, Church, family and friends! Its such an encouragement to us.

Chloe’s up! Ciao for now. Ben



  1. Dear Roz & Ben, can I encourage you by saying that you have always been an example to me of a couple who walk with God and trust Him every step of the way. Yes we all have so much farther to go but you are well along that path. I am learning so much from you both. Love you all so much Mum

  2. What can possibly be more yummy than a pastie? So you have fallen for the food eh? That is a a worrying sign! Have sent you an email, love you lots

  3. It reminds me of that bit in Joshua 4. Heaps of epic stuff has happened and has eventually led an entire nation to miraculously cross a massive river which is usually flooded in the springtime. When all of them have crossed, they just take some time out to build a monument and remember how good and faithful God has been to them. You guys have already been involved in some epic decisions. Your trust in God has led you to an amazing place in life. You have loads more to do and in a sense, it has only just begun. Your faith will continue to be tested, don’t worry about the adventure, taking some time out to chill and thank God is a solid thing. it will soon be round 2! big love and prayers to you guys. you are an inspiration

  4. Hi Ben and Roz and Chloe! Just a quick one to say great to be reading about your news and that we’re praying and rooting for you! Great to hear that you’ve been offered the job, Ben!

    Lots of love Dan and Katy x

  5. Sounds amazing out there. I appreciated the name drop in the last post. Praying you guys get a clear vision of what God has for you.

    Some thoughts (in an alliterative evangelical way):

    1) Salteñas are brilliant aren’t they!
    2) Spanish gets better the more you speak it so keep going! The only person who will have a go at you for your mistakes is you. Everyone else will appreciate the effort you make.
    3) School sounds good, as do los loros.

    God bless!

  6. Hi guys,
    Sounds like your having a lovely time out there, praying that get the wisdom and peace for the decisions that need to be made. Love Naomi xx

  7. Hi you three lovely Powells,

    Just had a chance to catch up with your blog, sounds like things are going well.. glad you’re finding your flip-flopped feet out there and that the experiences are positive.

    We’re thinking about you and praying for you, for all you’ve mentioned. Praying that He’ll continue to guide you, strengthen you and totally bless you while you’re out there and then bring you home safely soon too.

    Lots of love to you xxxx

  8. Hi guys

    Thanks for all the regular updates,i love you guys you are being very brave!! we all love you and are thinking of you. Hope youre not missing the alfie fluff ball too much!CIAO BABE!!!!BDWFL!xxx

  9. This sunny Saturday morning in S’ton I am just eating my breakfast of soya yoghurt with bran flakes, BBC weather says its 6 degrees in S’ton and 26 degrees in SC! As you are 4 hours behind us I trust you are in bed fast asleep! Thanks for yesterday’s new post. I realise you have a few days left until your return flight. Do you depart on Wednesday and arrive home on Thursday? Love Ali Baker x

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