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  • The crazy traffic!  I can’t imagine driving here
  • The immense heat – tires us out
  • The speedy spanish, only understanding occasional odd words
  • The luxury at Santa Cruz International School (SCIS)
  • The needs and lives of those at Fuente de Vida Church
  • The idea and sacrifice of us actually coming to live here
  • But that being nothing compared to Jesus’ sacrifice
  • Gods hugeness – he created the whole world and is the same God we worship in Exeter as we’ve been worshipping here.

These have been some of my feelings since being here.  Thankyou for your messages, your support is also slightly overwhelming!  Tomorrow I go to SCIS for the day to observe, probably teach and find out exactly what the contract is.   Please can you pray for Gods hand in this.  Roz is expecting to go visiting a few of the women in church towards the end of the week with another lady from the church.  She is really excited about it.  Please pray for Chloe as her teeth are giving us and her grief!  We continue to love fresh fruit, bare feet, really friendly people, the church, saltenas (kind of like a pastie but more yummy).

Love Ben


Some of the people at Fuente De Vida Church



  1. So much coming at you, so much to take in, in such a short time. Do you remember the word ‘clamour’? Praying so much for God’s voice to be heard distinctly – I know you are both listening! Praying for you today at the school, Ben, may you have much wisdom.

  2. Mum alerted us that anor blog had been posted but we are also on an alert so hopefully would have picked it up!

    Very much thinking and praying for you all esp today re SCIS, Roz preparing for visiting later this wk, & Chloe teeth!!

    We join with you that you may be able to VERY CLEARLY hear / discern God’s voice about it all.

    You’re well out of winter storms, high winds and loads of rain!!!

  3. Hey guys,

    great to hear how you’re getting on! I was quite disappointed not to have spoken to you on the weekend away, but it fairly flew by. I’ll hopefully be back in Exeter for a week or so in December, so hopefully catch up with you then maybe.

    You’re being in South America is something that we talked about and prayed about as a housegroup quite a bit, so it’s exciting that you’re there right now! I pray that God will really speak clearly to you while you’re out there in terms of what the future holds. I pray also that you wont be too overwhelmed by the experience (although being overwhelmed by God’s hugeness and Jesus’ sacrifice cant be a bad thing).

    Hope the temperature reduces a little for you. It’s currently tipping it down in Watford at the moment if that’s any consolation (got to cycle home in a minute too!).

    Will take a look at the blog again in a few days. All for now. Take care, God bless.

  4. Thanks for your new posting. That’s great that Ben is having an opportunity at the Santa Cruz International School including to teach a bit and learn what his contract could look like. Glad for you that the temperature has dropped a little and I see also that the BBC in UK reckons Santa Cruz is having quite a lot of rain this week off and on. I expect you’d love to just stand outside in it and take a cool shower! Love, Ali Baker

  5. Praying for you all with so much to take in.
    Mum & Dad P xx

  6. hi guys, what a lot to take in! glad you are enjoying being out there and are finding out as much as you can about the area you are in! glad to hear that chloe is ok and coping with the heat…hope all is going well for ben in school,

    we are thinking of you lots, tons of love ali and jackie xxxx

  7. Thinking of you today as you go into the school and spend time in the community and consider yourself there. Praying for you. Love R&R

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