Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 31, 2009

37 degrees!!

Hi everyone,

It’s been 37 degrees today and tomorrow it will be 38!  After Sunday its supposed to cool a bit.  Chloe is coping with heat really well.  Sarah and David have a paddling pool which she loves.   Today we visited Santa Cruz International School.   The teachers and Director were very welcoming to us.  We were given a tour by the Director.  Ben is going back in for the day on Tuesday to observe a lesson and possibly teach too.  I’ll let him tell you more about it tomorrow.  He is out at the moment at a church meeting.

We also visited the main market near the centre of town which seemed to sell everything under the sun!  I loved it, we bought Chloe some flip flops.  We’ve eaten delicious watermelon, pineapple and plantain today.  Chloe is eating a lot as always.   We all slept well last night and feel human again now!

Thanks for your prayers.  Roz



  1. Those temps sound grim! – but you’re young and take it all inyour stride! So glad you’ve caught up on sleep and Chloe is happy – no doubt getting on famously with the children. Looking forward to hearing bout school . Pete’s comin round today to do a couple of jobs. Roz, your blue wardrobe isfinally going! Will you mind?!!! Love you all Mum

  2. 10.30am Saturday,S’ton. So wonderful to read your latest post. Had look on Google map of Santa Cruz and zoomed right in and saw the “catedral” marked there and the “parque arenal”, which by a photo, looks like a park with a lake/river and the lake has some kind of interesting sculpture right in the middle of it. Also had a look at the church web page and saw your names mentioned in their Sept letter. Will read it right through today! x

  3. ps, can we have a few of your degrees c please Santa Cruz, its max 16 in S’ton t’day so about 5 will do nicely thanks! Ah Chloe in flip flops, how grown up!

  4. Sounds like you are settling well. Isn’t the fruit delicious!! Has Ben already got into the Church Meeting Syndrome 🙂
    With love, Dave and Kay

  5. Hi you three. So great to hear what you have been up to. Have been thinking about you and praying for you. Whole church prayed for you today! hope the sleep continues. The end of half term for us! Dont forget to bring your jumpers back with you!!

  6. Hello Powells, glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound and are getting stuck in to church meetings, school visits and exploring the city!! Pretty action packed for 3 days! Thinking and praying for you lots and enjoying the updates. Lots of love han & tom x x

  7. Seems like you’re well into life in Santa Cruz! Will be thinking of Ben tomorrow as he goes into school. Can’t quite imagine the temperatures you’re having – make the most of them! Continue to pray for you all.

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