Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 30, 2009

Safe arrival and it is hot, hot, hot!!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your messages.  We arrived safely this morning an hour late.  The journey was everything we could have dreaded with a 1 year old!  Chloe forgot the meaning of the word sleep!  And decided to cry a lot instead.

But here we are safe and well!  David and Sarah and family have been so hospitable  and we are enjoying being with them.  The temperature is sooo hot and looks likely to get hotter over the next few days.  We went swimming this afternoon to cool down.

Tomorrow Ben is going to try to visit the school and arrange interview for next week.  The school is very near where we are staying.

We are both very tired but looking forward to the next couple of weeks here.  I’m feeling excited to be in South America again.

We will keep in touch over the next few days and let you know what we’ve been up to.  please pray that we all sleep well tonight and feel refreshed in the morning ready to explore this city.



  1. glad to hear you arrived safe and soundo. I hear transferring via Miami can be a nigel nightmare so glad you made it. Sorry to hear about Chloe bringing the noise, i hope energy has come back to you and introductions to the school are going well. praying for you lots. we love you x

  2. p.s Andre Agassi admitted recently in his auto biography that he snorted crystal meth in 1997. its all over the news. Nadal and Federer are super angry about it. they amongst others want justice but cant have it because its been too long since he did it…

    Roz, what are your feelings?

    • I know, i saw the news on the plane. I guess i’m not surprised. Hes still my man!

  3. Oooooo wow! So your’e in Bolivia! I am looking at my huge world map on the wall. You’ve flown across the gigantic Atlantic Ocean and then down to the other hemisphere! I can see Santa Cruz and you are marked with a blue pin! x

  4. Hey Guys. We meant to get in touch before you flew. Doh! Failed!
    Anyway, we done on surviving the journey, and hope to hear everything going swimmingly.

  5. So glad to read you’ve arrived. Do hope you all had a really good sleep and that things like ben’s interview begin to fall into place and that you begin to get a feel of things. Lots of blessings , Mum

  6. We were thinking about you Wed/Thu wondering where you were. Great that you have arrived, hope you all get used to the heat quickly. No great susprises that Chloe didn’t want to sleep – just being normal. Hugs all round
    Love mum and dad. xxx

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